But now we know WHY she does it. Seung-jo calls up Dong-wook for advice — what if Secretary Moon spilled the beans? Seung-jo cuts to the chase: Yoon Joo tells Se Kyung that she was recommended to a place that needed an insider to get her in. Imadeit is now trembling because the sheets she bought, sure are making her bed uncomfortable, or about to. Park Shi-hoo really knows how to deliver simple lines with heart-felt, knee-quivering effectiveness. Then why does he laugh so heartily as if the invitation is all a joke? Finally, the unsecretiest secret comes out!

Lovebug December 24, at 1: These are things that Se-kyung does naturally. That is how she met Min-hyuk, who was divorced, and ended up marrying him. I’m melting, I’ve melted And I would respect the writers for aiming for believability. Look at everyone here vying for PSH to be their husband, 1 or 2nd Rumor has it he became a drug junkie or entered a mental hospital.

Dong-wook advises that he tell Se-kyung the truth. I have to watch that again! I’ve been in love with PSH ever since I first saw him. He invites Psycho-jo to his party to epieode getting some good rumors out there. Se-kyung becomes curious over how he and the CEO met, and he says it was while he studied in Paris.

Watching them come together is a bit like falling in love.

Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 5 Recap

Rumor has it he became a drug junkie or entered a mental hospital. Katie December 24, at 2: Seung-jo regales Dong-wook with the story of his pojangmacha hug at a pool parlor, telling the story so passionately that Dong-wook messes up.


It has a bit of everything, more funny and hilarious scenes from ep 3 Looks like neither of them remember much of that night, or what the other said, to their relief. The way they were looking at each other for the rest of the episode OMG.

Seung Jo wakes up and freaks out once he realizes what he drank. Se-kyung and Psycho-jo meet to go over the food for the party.

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But on to business: We are love with this couple!! His horrified face is absolutely hysterical. But now I want to know what Seung-jo learned from Secretary Moon. I’m tremendously eppisode about this gem of a cheongdadmong – it’s the perfect way to end this year Or if because there was no money, was it more painful to throw away love?

Daddy Cha tells him to come back home because he needs him. How telling is that? But happily though, the quick glimpses of his abs have shown that they are in pristine condition, all perky and um, absy. Yoon-joo asks who cheongdamrong White Rabbit is; perhaps with a name, she can help Se-kyung even more. Seung Jo is the most adorable person ever. They looked mighty friendly with Tommy driving her and carrying her box and opening her door and touching her back.


Thanks again for the drugs that is CA! Dong-wook takes Psycho-jo home where Daddy Cha is waiting for him.

He grabs the tape measures and plays around with it, promising to do a good job measuring. December 16, June 8, They continue in Korean.

The concept of the party is Paris.

Wish he had a bigger part. Then they step out together from the Artemis shop and it’s day.

Cheongdam-dong Alice: Episode 6 Recap – Raine’s Dichotomy

She quietly asks if he also believes that being poor no matter how hard she tries is her fault. She starts to ask about the soy sauce and then shakes her head.

Please, drama, don’t do me like that. Just by being abroad and coming from a wealthy family, he certainly had more opportunities than Se-kyung and had certain advantages that could have put him on a different starting level than she.