Oh, I’ve seen it. Tommy stops her and stares into her eyes before he understands what she wants. Raine — This show keeps getting better. Did she buy it? At the same time, Yoon-joo is with her brother, worried about what In-hwa may know and why she contacted Cha Il-nam. I’m a little scared what it will do to the busing relationship with Yoon Joo, though. And why is there no preview so early in the drama?! Psycho-jo says that Se-kyung was right about a lot of things, so even if she scolded him, he listened in silence.

Psycho-jo gets defensive and says that his painting was worth the 30, euros paid for it. With what we know, her decision seems strange. As well as his trusty assistant. I adored that even Tommy Hong’s assistant was like, “Yeah, you kind of butchered that one. What a blow to Seung-jo that will be. Psycho-jo visits Dong-wook at his office and tells him about hiring Se-kyung as his stylist. She pulls away again! He gave her a job related to him because he somehow favors her and she can only see the secretary.

He asks about the collaboration with Artemis and she says she will meet with him to handle it. Off to the finale where all will have a happy ending. Oooh — though vague, her words suggest that she may be falling for him. One of my fave scenes among so many already. Both go to their respective homes and brood. She calls Coach Tick to ask what the first crisis is.

I’m dying of laughter when I watch the scenes in the hospital. Deuk-gi calls for soju and asks, is Seung-jo married?

Cheongdamdong Alice Episode 5 Recap

He is envious of how strong their family seems. Thank you so much for being super fast!


The scene in the hospital really make me scream like crazy. And now she knows he’s the chairman, what is she going to do? I have really zlice enjoying this drama’s first few episodes but I am worried and concerned that they are going to make Se Kyung too Stupid to die, but in the epieode that a smart person over thinks things and ends up being a total idiot.

Ah Jung says the President is like the devil at work and intensely trying to increase sales. Ah-jung pulls Se-kyung aside, demanding an explanation.

Cheongdam-dong Alice: Episode 15 Recap

Is it so evil? She is a dpisode wench, that Se-kyung. Dang… can I laugh that father and son are White Rabbits to two frenemies? She wished for someone to come and save her. I don’t know if PSH is a great actor – time will tell. That, and poor Psycho-jo is going to have a hard realization to cope with when he finds out. But this is such a funny drama. Only proves I love your recap. epiosde

Well I work in business development its a part of my job to internet stalk people and I am always googling C-Suite or executives to find bios and pics for our sales team and you would be suprised how many of them don’t have pictures or any information online. V December 19, at 2: Coach Tick smiles softly and asks if something went wrong. I really like everything about the characters I cheongxamdong if he will have a love line with Se Kyung? The night before, Se-kyung spent hours sketching and pouring over the Cheonvdamdong journal.

I am sure her resume shows a different family background from her acual one, too. Cue his bracelet falling off.

Watching a movie or reading a book is accepting certain games and certain rules. Psycho-jo grows pensive and says that Se-kyung thinks it was fate. Cheongdam-dong is already not a big dheongdamdong, so imagine going around this area and seeing every single person you could possibly know in your life.


Seung-jo sends Se-kyung ahead to the lobby, and confronts his father privately.

Cheongdam-dong Alice: Episode 5 Recap – Raine’s Dichotomy

He practically throws Ah-jung on to the bed and then quickly removes his jacket, bemoaning over the state of his stained jacket. Cheongdam-dong Alice Episode 4 Screencaps.

He then asks where he should be driving her, and she directs him to epixode university. And when someone goes to a party and researches everyone but doesn’t see pics of the head of Artemis Korea, NOT to mention everyone not knowing about the previous marriage when everyone seems to know so much else The almost kiss was a perfect slow explosion of chemistry. It was so moving and yet bittersweet, knowing what we know as viewers.

Cheongdam-dong Alice: Episode 6 Recap – Raine’s Dichotomy

Yoon-joo thanks Tommy for arranging the match and hopes that it will be a successful one. Sandy December 24, at 2: That woman had a son who was divorced, and yes, that is now she married her now husband and that rich woman became her mother-in-law.

I’m so scared to watch at times. I’d like to see a scene of them eating the french Eposode Year’s cake to eat away the regrets of the past year and begin anew. I just have to say this: He is, of course, dazzled by her in fancy duds. She starts to cry.