The last minute ones are okay but chicken breast and veggies can’t be the special everyday at the diner. We ran out of toilet paper covering Trumps face last night. Real hip hop bars. I’m tired of this beef though. But back to the faces I just screamed laughed.

I had forgot about that. And I hollered when A1 called those dogs in the house. This franchise definitely has the most facially challenged cast members of all the franchises? The same person that says, miscombobulated. NO body shaming, cause her boy has passed being shame and is fukked up. So what she do? Very wise despite her appearance?

I’m right there with you.

I don’t even much remember what the broad said I just know she talks too much with her funny looking kid. Next week can we get a Insecure post?!?! I used to luv Zena.

Even ‘Faces of Death’. We ran out of toilet paper covering Trumps face last night. I like A1 mom, she seems like she hollywoood people. Reminds me of Mighty Mouse.

Stop the flucking body shaming I’m hussbands he didn’t have as much drama as Meeky Mouse. I sent her an email Saturday!

Yea, he got shot in Jersey a year or two ago. Why fo come you lurkin’.

Real Husbands Of Hollywood Season 3 Episode 10

I was gonna ask. Nooooooo relocate for money. I think she already has They should’ve never gave Rosa lines to read. Mine is like that and already told me he gonna do all the chit I say no to with her!! Real hip hop bars.


Real Husbands Of Hollywood Season 3 Episode 9 – DDotOmen

You the plug, bew?. Lyrica mom is mad that girl is married and it is probably because she finally has a away out from her. I didn’t like her singing that I heard on the show, but I’ll check her out. Ray J is so lameit hurts to listen to his voice Each wig that chick A1 married whoever he is makes her look 40 something Teairra Marigo do some shows over seas or somethingyou have no career.

Sweet dotomen e-white privilege. I asked what happened. He is gray as HAIL at I dont see how her husband deals. Before I discovered the beauties of prostate massage? I am too, but I am okay with it. His pearls and nail polish say everything that needs to be said. Stop it and get to your blessing!!!!!!

I could tell you some storie bout them Tate brothers, allegedly, but I ain’t one to gossip? Ray J has xome a long way I had this on my tv last night but, I wasn’t paying attention; I was too busy chatting with Mr.

That outburst last night was embarrassing as hell.

They disrepected more than one of his women in the past and he let it slide hell ONE of em was Rosa Acosta who is actually on this show we discussing in this post. I just got a chicken breast topped with onions, peppers and mushrooms, some water and some grapes.

I thought him and Nicki were “fag tagging”. Nik seems like the type to low key like that type of stuff. Is she seasson toe I am trying to make more time to cook so I can have healthy meals I actually enjoy. I have a friend who gained 60 lbs after the birth of her kid due to her wine habit. So busy praising the Lord she forgot to nurture her kids I want Max get his grill fix. However nice to know she does something other than this mess.


I haven’t liked her since that Berg situation. I can burlee concentrate on what they be saying due to how funny she looks in the damn face. I myself have only watched 15 minutes of the show total tho. Ddotomen found her on YouTube about two years ago and been following her every since. I am so proud of her.

Didn’t care to watch it.

I just watched the episode where A1 and Lyrica’s mom got into at the restaurant and it seems like I missed 2 episodes. Well, Fetty only got one real eye so he probably don’t know uollywood he getting head or massaged. Bish head big as fawk. I think he wants some big burly dude to eat his ass.