Without any doubts we are ready for this project but we wanted in whole process you will there is it.. Wanted to always comes first did his best. They both went inside people already there seeing all art work of om rudra just sitting in side busy in his phone kunj text om whether rudra come with him or not. Soon they both reached their college. Kunj look at Salesman which roar eyes twinkle see his face expression which exchange in a roar way slightly she smiled inside in her heart. Kunj get worried they were winning Kunj just absorb Yuvi in next kunj understand Yuvi weakness Yuvi tough the ball and hit the stumps Kunj team get happy. Kabir put the call on speaker..

Lecturer Again busy in class after back to back class end they all went out of the class Twinkle she was hell hungry.. He is son in law of Sarna family. Plzzz show a lil bit cute scenes between twinj. While Priyanka looking at tej and Avantika face In puppy way.. Guard come out first and open the door for man. Sit on floor resting her head on bed and crying and looking at Kunj..

First busy in his studies like anything. Rudra hide his face. Take your time but plz try to post soon. Twinkle went to her. Mahi ran from there in shyness.

Kunj Look at his business client who standing.

Chirag held twinkle hand and try to kiss her. Twinkle get busy in her work arrange their room. She laughing so loudly her sound of laugh giving happiness in Kunj ears so much after long drive.


She cuddles her teddy bear. He went in washroom after he come get freshen ishs Avantika arranging his things.

Aache ke saath jitna acha hai episore saath usse kahi jada. She kissed on kunj cheeks while Kunj cuddles her. Twinkle get confused why kunj want to meet with her so urgently. Still twinkle looking at Kunj. Bhaiya see you told me if I passed in my exams you get me my favourite car.

Rab Se Sohna Isshq – Rab Se Sohna Isshq Episode 231 – June 13, 2013

They come to them Priyanka rest her head on usha shoulder. After 21 were passing from pastry shop om eyes went on pastry he remembered Aayat. She shows him her tongue.

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy. My family find you perfect for me. You can soul of this tail. Kunj look at her.

Kunj come out and his PA standing in side waiting for him just. Kunj sits in car.

All students stand up wish him…. How can I off my lovey Aayat mood. Twinkle and Mahi entered in Taneja mansion they both get tired they just sit Leela come there with glass of juice give them Bebe to come there. Just than Kunj had call from his dadi and Kunj see this a beautiful smiled comes on his face. Pooja 16th Dec – 5: She was laughing at him only.


Instead, encourage her you were making her more panic. She screamed kunjj name so loudly which echoed back. All laugh to see his face.

Than their class started teacher come and give their lectures. Vibhu 3rd Aug – 7: Avantika wiped his eyes with her hands. U rocked it kiya… Amazing… Loved siblings bond…. Rudra and yuvi same type good for them. You come here for study not for miss Taneja. After soon he reached his office. Only if you are okay with it. Shalu Choudhary 6th Apr – 6: Twinkle gang see him.

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Twinkle remember about what night he talk. Rudra run to Lata. Girl went towards him. Kabir and Malika wedding bells starts many episdoe twist and tune filled with love and laughs. They all have their food mahi was going her leg stuck in something she about falls down but like always our omkara has come and save mahi. Mahi look at Yuvi. Yuvi roaming around Mahi in circle way. Yuvi and Gab come from behind and hug him.

Grand son of Sarna family. Muhammad Murtajiz 25th Sep –