What we did was to call two producers and show them what we had done and suddenly I turned around and saw that one of them was crying. It is this position of power in her sexual relationships that she continues to seek, but she masks it with an exoticization of the islands and the men on them. But, really, one performance after another is expert: He admits to Alain that he did not realize that Alain had a family. Even though the women tourists are horrified by the death of Legba, they do not connect it to the larger political and economic situation. Generally, the tourists remain ignorant of this resentment. International development agencies played a key role in compelling Haiti to transform itself into a country open to foreign investment. Therefore, it was made in a very relaxed atmosphere and this allowed me to be free and continue working on a larger scale.

Talk with Frears, Schroeder, Cantet and Westmoreland. Then upper management manipulates his findings to lay off employees. I want to love them all. Give myself some kind of stupid pleasure. Search for ” Human Resources ” on Amazon. On the gifts that reality gave him: Human Resources and Time Out examine the difficulties of the flexible labor market on the traditionally privileged class of white male workers and how market liberalization is undermining their sense of self as workers.

Of course, Vincent is not actually helping anyone.

It is this position of power in her sexual relationships that she continues to seek, but she masks it with an exoticization of the islands and the men on them. Frank, a business school graduate, returns to his provincial hometown to take a management position in the factory where his father has been working for 30 years. The basic plot outline is certainly novelistic.


While the United Nations UN now recognizes these policies to be a failure and censures organizations such as the World Bank, which played an instrumental role in implementing these policies throughout the s.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Yet he does not spend his time looking for employment and has not even filed for unemployment after being laid-off.

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Find out more about page archiving. Instead, he invents a new position at the United Nations, while he wanders aimlessly day after day. Full Cast and Crew. On working with a Cuban team: Audible Download Audio Books.

He does not want to work but does not want his family to know. Franck has described the annualization of working hours, which would give Jean-Claude less control over his schedule. Trivia Laurent Cantet’s first feature film. It is well worth seeing.

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In an interview Cantet states. Just like his mum, his dad and his adored uncle Beto, outside his home he has another name. It is this—his not wanting to work—more so than his loss of job which he must hide from his family. The scene is set one Summer in La Ciotat, a town near Marseille which used to be prosperous thanks to its huge dockyard but has been in decline since its closing 25 years before. Generally, the tourists remain ignorant of this resentment. After developing a reputation for portraying the alienation of white male workers and addressing issues of masculinity within capitalism, Cantet adopts a radically different perspective.


Heading South and The Class illustrate the limited options for those living at the margins of global capitalism—multi-ethnic immigrants in France and people of the Third World. Those are moments that give you goose bumps. The elite proposed to the people a choice that was effectively no choice at all; people were called to ratify the inevitable, the result of enlightened expertise.

Verdeau is scolded for perhaps falling behind in his production results. On the title of the film: I had no choice. In a job interview, Vincent is able to convincingly explain his seven-month period not working.

On the scope of the story: Legba, whose masculine pride seems injured, is critical of her. The factory workers are skeptical. Instant radicalization admits a perfect pedigree in cinema: First of all, there is some empathy for the women who are escaping undesirable situations at home. On another occasion a security guard chases Vincent away after discovering him sleeping in his car in the parking lot of the hotel chain Novotel, where he conducts his investment schemes.

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Legba still understands this power dynamic three years later. Are you just going to watch me all night?

They can stay in their shit. In contrast to Human Resources though, a musical score accompanies the opening credits in this opening shot; this musical score often takes on a haunting quality throughout the film.