What happened to him? Sarmad tells her that he is going to meet lawyer for some property work. Boriyat ke upar mr. Neha is left shocked. Asad says that he is the coowner of the company and can take any descision about the company, without any permission. They get romantically eyelocked.

He thinks that he wont ever be able to see her now. Mamu almost raises his hand on Razia, in his anger, and she is shocked. She tries to speak, but he asks her to be ready, for the appointment. She says that if they take her from there, then he would never be able to meet his daughter. He asks how can she stop him. Luka Chuppi vs Sonchiriya:

He recalls Kiran making excuses. Kiran is still annoyed with him.

He is happy at the success of his plan. Our partners use cookies to ensure we show you advertising that is relevant to you. Sarmad says, I hate you. Razia reprimands mamu for being so calm and composed at hqi happening around. Siddiqui is stunned to hear this. Mamu looks at zoya emotionally. He goes near her. She takes the mobile from his hand as he begins to call the police. He says that he would never be able to pay what she wants him to, and cites her as being mad.

Ru Baru 23rd January 2014 *4th Episode* Written Update

He enters his room, and says that he cant go to jail. Tipu is lost in phone and says something happened to my phone settings. She tries to speak, but he asks her to be ready, for the appointment. Humeira gives her false excuses and explanations.


Mamu asks haider who is he, and how is he connected to the doll factory. Welcome, Login to your account. He tells Shabi that Neha is his college friend. Razia eyes her angrily. Nazma wants to know the occasion. She says that he cant go like this and who asked him to go.

Farhan asks her to come along, she denies saying that she wont go.

Razia says that she too was saying this. He pulls her towards him, and she is conscious of the increasing proximity. Zoya comes taunts razia, that its time frher to be embarassed and reflect Nazma is tensed seeing nikhat. Like 0 Dislike 0. She asks why didnt he say anything.

He calls Nazma and congratulates her for her pregnancy. Dadijaa comes and says I was thinking to call Shabi home.

Qubool Hai 23rd January Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

Siddique is retiring, and he has left it on him. He says that he doesnt want to land her in some problem due to him. She gets into her original tone, and says that she isnt mad, and calls him by his name. Clear Notification X Do you want to clear all the notifications from your inbox? She says, can I sit inside? But she gets tensed, as zoya comes and snatches the phone from her.


Dadijaa says, she is missing her too. Uncle says, I just had it and leaves. Razia asks Siddiqui why he has taken the decision of retirement hxi Siddqui tells her that he has done no such thing.

Razia says that he may try to be the owner of this company, but he wont succeed.

She says that to put this entire matter to rest, they should kill Zoya. Sign in Recover your password. Finding her hesitating, he asks her to say what she wants to.

Zoya says that she has just come to stop their marriage, as she came just when they announced their marriage. Zoya again asks about nikhat, from nazma as her call didnt get through. Theelovely Mamkhwemnte Mercy Nqakala.