There’s probably never going to be another big Dillinger movie and it sickens me that Mann willfully made so many dubious decisions. Sundance89 2 July At least, that’s what Public Enemies would have you believe. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! The story of Dillinger presents a wonderful chance to show the fascinating, historically accurate tension between the characters of Dillinger, J Edgar Hoover, Purvis against the backdrop of an American public who were “fans” of the outlaws. After a shoot out gone horribly wrong and making the police look more incompetent, Purvis demands that Hoover bring in professional lawmen who know how to catch criminals dead or alive. There’s an impressive twittering machine functioning here on all its Ford V8 cylinders.

However, Dillinger and a few inmates escape from prison using a fake gun. I live in Zion, Illinois, halfway between Chicago and Milwaukee. I kept waiting for that magical moment when the movie would pick up and the excitement would grow, finally exploding in a dramatic climax that movie aficionados such as myself love. The title itself provides a clue to the problem: I cannot stand it when films have guys firing machine guns one-handed. The movie focuses obsessively on this relationship, instead of the more obvious paths it could have taken. I’m not saying we need to like Mr. I wasn’t sure why this was but I concluded that Mann wanted us to be there with Dillinger most of the time and at other times we are to observe from a distance.

I thought that she was the best out of the cast.

This should have been one of the showpieces of the season, and it is indeed a blockbuster with class in a world of junk. This was very, very poor for what was rumoured to pubilc a big hit of Summer 09! The sequences are cool, slick, and gritty. He states plainly what he will do for her and how he will treat her if they are to have a relationship.


Johnny Depp is as usual great, but you get a feeling he would have been even better if the script had given enough scope to explore the character of Dillinger. Marion Cotillard, a native Frenchwoman, plays the part of the leading lady, and Dillingers love interest, well enough.

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This style is tolerable during action scenes of which there were an overwhelming quantity but during dialog it becomes distracting in the most negative way. The action is fun, the story is interesting.

I know the filmmakers had to know about this and just tried to work it in as best as they could. He’s perfect for the role. The love story between Dillinger and his gal, Billie didn’t seem too necessary, it added to the story but for me felt a little out of place at times. Look at another title of a movie about a doomed but spectacular crime spree: After all, this is from the same guy who gave us one of the most famous and arguably the best shootout of all time in Heat.

Dillinger was a man that lived in the moment as only a man in the depression could. This is the story of John Dillinger, who robbed banks, broke out of prisons, shot a lot of guns, loved a woman he met and didn’t spend much time with, and I understand expectations were through the roof, but that’s a little hard to ask for.

I really enjoyed Public Enemies. Although set during the ‘s Mann chooses to shoot the film in primarily HD and with what appears to be mostly zoom lenses. Set in John Dillinger is brought to a penitentiary, but is there to break enemiex the rest of his gang. One problem I had with this film would have to be the lack of character depth in many of the characters.


It subtitlez an extremely strong and thrilling fast-paced treatmentalmost too violent ; gripping and intense at the timebut remains impressive and brilliant and not easily forgotten and never lets up. But as a film, it could have developed the characters more to help us and those who know nothing about Dillinger, his life, or Purvis and the FBI understand them better. The film began promisingly with the exciting breakout from an Indiana penitentiary.

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Excellence at it’s best. Together they target Dillinger as public enemy number one. Here’s why without any BS: The shootings are extraordinary and Johnny Depp totally beautiful. For instance the death of “Baby Face” Nelson is complete fiction.

Too bad it didn’t show up much. The cool, confident and almost cocky nature of the character is really portrayed on screen such as bragging to reporters about his bank jobs and teasing Purvis and agents who are after him. And make no mistake, the film’s action scenes are intense.

I loved the cinematography here. Sure, they were the big name stars, but it should’ve been about characters not star pulling power!!

He includes a scene it actually took place innot ’33 where a Senator derides Hoover and makes a big deal over the fact that Hoover’s never made an arrest.

Dillinger is killed at the end so it’s not even how the underdog bad guy who is really a good guy gets pjblic.

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For instance the death of “Baby Face” Nelson is complete fiction. Was he competent in the least or was he just subtit,es bumbling idiot? Who the hell is he.