Kei coach was watching since she was the coach of Sonata Kanzaki. The episode ends when she signals Wataru with a thumbs-up saying that everything will be okay. Due to her crush on Kouji and jealousy over Naru and Kouji’s relationship, Ito decides she will be the one to perform a Prism Show rather than Naru, debuting with her My Song. Retrieved May 4, It was sunset when Serena and Kanon performed first. Wakana finally shows up with an old picture and calls Ann a hypocrite for breaking and not remembering her promise to her.

Bell pulls off a seven consecutive jump chain. She said it was too early for her to fall in love with him which made him chase after her saying it wasn’t like that. In the end, the girls open up to each other and cry together while a bright star is seen shining in the sky. They beat Serena and Kanon. Peacock-sensei instructs Chisato to bring Prism Stone and Bell Rose to a hot spring in the mountains. The girls all laughed together at the end of the episode in the President’s office.

Aira and Rizumu are shocked that over 10 million people would be watching them while Mion was on fire.

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It turned out that Mion was betting on having Aira and Rizumu enter together, believing that they could definitely win. Archived from the original on July life, In the end, Aira and Rizumu become best friends. The Girls’ Destiny Date” Transcription: Aira understands and comforts her.


The semi-final Boduken Cup for the Prism Queen cup has arrived. Mion completes a new jump called Sweet Honey Kiss and makes the man tainbow “sweet”. When Rizumu says that are not enemies, Jun explains that rivals aren’t enemies but they are precious people who can make each other improve.

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Wpisode Mion arrives at Venice, she was frightened by Jun when she came out of the airport while reporters start flocking around her. Aira and Rizumu give their lucky watches to Mion before her turn for the show as Necochi appears. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

So Aira and Rizumu prethy her a ‘pretty remake’ and she seems happier. Naru, Ann, and Ito meet up with Kazuki, who says that the one to write the song was not him, but Kouji, who had given it to him when Kouji dropped out of Edel Rose. Bear-chi tells her to take a break.

Ann finally recognizes her feelings for Kazuki and stops Wakana from confessing. He invites Aira out in hopes of having her help him think of a better design than his current one. The 2 performed a Prism show that definitely showed that they have advanced in level. Jun had known this from the beginning. When Hibiki gets friendly with Rrainbow, Rizumu misunderstands that she is his girlfriend. However, Kouji arrives, saying he gave the song to Kazuki, allowing Ann to continue using the song as her My Song.


Kieta Raburin ” Japanese: Rizumu meets Hibiki and they talk at their “secret” training place.

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She wants to go to Prism Stone and prftty the new accessories before they sell out. She also succeeds in pulling off 5 consecutive jumps.

Retrieved August 10, Aira, Rizumu and Mion all have a sleepover party. As it turns out all the new items were sold out, but they run into an all-male idol group named Callings. Lists of anime episodes Pretty Rhythm. She tries to pull off seven jumps but fails.

Rabichi to Beachi ” Japanese: It is revealed that Kouji’s father was the man killed hogoanime the rhythn during which Ito’s father was driving.

Callings comes to give the girls a maid uniform. Wakana finally shows up with an old picture and calls Ann a hypocrite for breaking and not remembering her promise to her. Aira starts to cry until she knew that she had to get up.