Hiro finds his freedom and reconciles with Kouji and Kazuki. The six girls then see Rinne dancing in the rain, singing her My Song. December Learn how and when to remove this template message. She successfully performs three consecutive Prism Jumps. Note – This episode has recounted as the 3rd episode of Pretty Rhythm: Naru, Ann, and Ito learn of Rinne’s true identity as a messenger from the Prism World, as well as Chisato’s true identity as the Pair Friend, Momo, who is also the mysterious creature eating the sweets at Prism Stone. Hiro’s past as a poor kid with dancing in parks who got a grant from Edel Rose’s chairman is revealed. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Part two of the Dreaming Session – Ann vs. Or will her troubled past continue to haunt her? Kazuki’s My Song debuts: Due to his injury, Hiro wins the dance battle. Naru also meets Hiro Hayami, unbeknownst to her Hiro is the one who stole Kouji’s song and is using the song for his Prism Star debut. Naru and Kouji soon meet up with Ann, Ito, and Chisato. Naru goes to apologize to Kouji and manages to convey to him that his song made her happy, while he believed otherwise.

Ann Fukuhara argues with her father about her love of sweets.

However, they seem to be running into some problems They decide to confess together but, after seeing a pretty girl with Kazuki, conclude he has a girlfriend.

Chisato asks the girls to invite their parents over to Prism Stone for formal greetings, deciding that the meeting will coincide with Ann’s My Song debut. Feathers of Courage” Transcription: After Ann’s performance, the mysterious girl from Naru’s audition arrives, introducing herself as Rinne, and Ann is hired at Prism Stone. Wakana already knew Ann’s feelings, ryythm the whole ruse in order to make Ann be honest with her.

It’s the battle between Bell and Naru, so Bell managed to perform 3 prism jumps in a row much to the surprise of Wakana and the others. Prism Stone turns to Kouji who accepts to write one. She soon goes to perform, successfully pulling off her first Prism Jump alongside her Prism Live.

Fortunately, a rainstorm libe before the contest begin. Rinne gets lost, and Naru attempts to find her, bumping into Kouji, who is a student of the school.

Due to his injury, Hiro wins the dance battle. As a result, Prism Stone cannot perform at Edel Rose, since all four members aren’t there. It’s Naru’s turn to perform but rsinbow can’t change into her outfit, so Momo makes an outfit for her.


At her Prism Show examination, Ito performs a Prism Live with the help of Coolun, in addition to two consecutive Prism Jumps, after which she gets accepted as Prism Stone’s makeup manager. Kazuki and Hiro decide to settle things through another dance competition. After that, June rebirths back to Rinne and performs her signature song “Gift”. After Hiro begins mocking Kouji, Kazuki challenges him to a dance battle – if Kazuki were to win, the song will belong to Ann.

So, June takes her place because she’s a part of Rinne.

Meanwhile Wakana asks Ann to do a practice match with her but she never shows up. Ito finds out about the plan concerning Rinne after an impulsive outburst from Otoha, and tells Naru and Ann. He explains that to do this, the Seven Glimmers must shine as brightly as possible, and the gate to the Prism World will open.

Believing that Rinne hates her and left her because her Prism Show sucked, Naru’s heart loses its radiance, and Lovelin vanishes. After learning that Prism lives are not meant for scoring, Ann wanted to win by performing 3 jumps in a row.

The Prism Stone girls learn that Bell, Wakana, and Otoha are preparing for the Dreaming Session, an upcoming Prism Show tournament, in which they decide to enter themselves. Ann decides to call Rinne, but learns from Chisato that Rinne has disappeared – as she is already at Edel Rose, as discovered by Naru.

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Naru is invited to perform in place of June at Dear Crown for a children’s charity event. Bell pulls off a seven consecutive jump chain. A recurring mysterious penguin-like creature has been eating the sweets made by Ann at Prism Stone.

Naru becomes worried that she didn’t get June’s autograph, much to Ann and Ito’s dismay. Wakana accuses Ann of stealing her My Song, with Bell explaining that Wakana has been singing that song at Prism Shows for a long time now. Naru goes to the rink to perform her song but she keeps on falling down because beri the Prism Sparkle, the rink can’t be skated. Otoha writes the lyrics to her and Ito’s song, which give Ito some strength.

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Rzinbow succeeds in performing 5 consecutive jumps. The secret behind the accident involving Ito’s father and Kouji’s father gets revealed.


Hiro, Bell, Wakana, and Otoha meet ber with the Prism Stone team, with Hiro revealing that Kouji was supposed to debut with him, but “chickened out”, according to Wakana. At Prism Stone, Naru is tasked with creating prototypes of desserts to be served at the store, and is encouraged by another employee, DJ Coo, to go to the sweets buffet for ideas.

Rinne promised a show to kindergartners so Rainbkw does one. So when Naru and Bell are about to shake hands, Bell slaps her hand that she still hates Naru and the Prism Stone, but Naru won’t mind because she and her friends will train and work hard to become stronger.

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However, Kouji eplsode, saying he gave the song to Kazuki, allowing Ann to continue using the song as her My Song. Bell is now able to perform a Prism Live, thanks to Seshini. Momo dreams of Peacock, lice tells her that she must regain the Prism’s sparkle and return Rinne to the Prism World as fast as possible. Rinne is announced to be June’s partner in the upcoming Winter White Session much to everyone’s surprise, and she performs her “My Song”, completing five consecutive jumps.

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Meeting her father on the way back, Wakana then learns she is going to move again to Singapore. Ito and Kouji and Otoha finally learn the truth behind Lucky Star and the accident which damaged their families.

Bell’s mother plans for her to perform a Prism Live at a party at Dear Crown. Wakana successfully performs a Prism Live with the help of Ethni. While looking for work experience, Naru Ayase sets her eyes on a clothing episkde similar to her favorite prtety Dear Crown, known as ‘Prism Stone’, which is recruiting middle school girls to become the shop’s manager.

Will she have the best performance? Ann finally recognizes her feelings for Kazuki and stops Wakana from confessing. Wakana goes first and sings her My Song: Ann wears the design for her My Song debut, and her father, reminded of Ann’s first Prism Show, agrees to let her continue working at Prism Stone.