Season 5 Episode Guide. Season 1, Episode 4 June 29, Season 4, Episode 6 July 16, Season 4, Episode 23 March 11, Add to Watchlist Added. The Complete List 6.

Sign up and add shows to get the latest updates about your favorite shows – Start Now. Season 5, Episode 21 February 24, Season 4 Episode Guide. Green Book Wins Best Picture. Meanwhile, some clandestine relationships flourish, and others flounder. Elsewhere, a ghostly presence visits Alison. Live Updates From the 91st Academy Awards 4. The Complete List 6.

Meanwhile, Aria proves to be a neglectful maid of honor to her mother; and Spencer and Emily attempt to identify the dead girl in Alison’s grave. Season 6, Episode 13 January 26, Season 1, Episode 17 February 14, Season 1, Episode 7 July 20, Season 4, Episode 3 June 25, Elsewhere, Aria and her brother have a disagreement regarding their parents; Hanna uncovers something disturbing among her mom’s things.

Green Book Wins Best Picture. Married at First Sight. Meanwhile, Caleb’s overprotectiveness irks Hanna; and Spencer wants to cure her sleeping problems.

Meanwhile, Emily attempts to assist Hanna, but this displeases “A”; Spencer and Toby head to Ravenswood, which turns out to be a very unusual town; and Shana shows up in some unexpected places. Epispde girls zero in on Lesli as their hooded tormentor, but they want proof before going to the cops. Stress takes its toll on the girls as they scrutinize suspects in Alison’s murder, including a classmate with a grudge, a secretive brother-in-law and the ever-mysterious “A.


Elsewhere, Caleb questions whether coming back poolly town was the right thing to do; and Ezra commits to finding answers through research. Meanwhile, Spencer borrows some of Ezra’s spy tools; Ali clashes with Caleb, which makes things awkward for Hanna; and Emily’s mom invites Ali to dinner.

Meanwhile, Hanna meets with Det. Season 5 Episode Guide. Aria seeks tutoring help from Andrew to improve her grades. DiLaurentis seaeon Emily to move into Alison’s old room.

Available to Stream Watch on. Meanwhile, Caleb visits Rosewood; Ezra arranges some secret meetings; and Emily struggles to come to terms with the revelation strewming Alison is alive. A Star Is Born 4. Elsewhere, Spencer looks into Wilden’s connection to another death; Emily reconnects with Zoe; and Jake helps Aria gain insight into her brother’s new attitude.

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Season 4, Episode 21 February 25, A Star Is Born 7. Available to Stream Watch on. Add to Watchlist Added. La La Land 6. Season 4, Lkttle 4 July 2, Season 5, Episode 23 March 10, Emily episde to swim the coveted anchor leg in a meet, but she has to battle Paige for it. Live Updates From the 91st Academy Awards 4. Based on the series of books by Sara Shepard. Season 4, Episode 1 June 11, Elsewhere, Hanna’s joy over reuniting with her mother is cut short; and Toby uncovers something surprising about Wren.


Season 1, Episode 4 June 29, Season 5, Episode 2 June 17, Team Sparia reunite to search for evidence that Sara Harvey is behind the threats; Caleb and Hanna make a plan to fight back against the new stalker using the security-footage tapes; Aria receives unexpected news from her family; and Ali comforts Emily.

In the sixth-season opener, the girls are trapped outside of Charles’ Dollhouse, and his games grow more sinister.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 2, Episode 10, ‘Touched by an ‘A’-ngel’: TV Recap

Alison returns to school with her chin up and a goal of righting past wrongs, but Mona and her crew are not in a forgiving mood.

Aria does volunteer work at a mental hospital and crosses paths with an aggressive patient. Hanna mends in a wheelchair upon her release from the hospital. Based on the series of books by Sara Shepard.

Meanwhile, Ezra, Caleb and Toby are determined to locate the girls. Hanna joins forces with Mona to help Ashley, despite Caleb’s objections.

Season 5, Episode 16 January 20, The Complete List 6.