Parayan words Ella really super Reply. Was this review helpful? Shaan Rahman is not missed, with this one having Rajesh Murugesan doing the honors, as good as he was in Anthony Putheran’s earlier ‘Neram’ pun fully intended, if you understand the language. All the female leads did their job pretty well with Sai Pallavi being the pick who made me fall in love with her instantly likable character ‘Malar’. My Rating – 5. Don’t think otherwise I wrote a review for the film which got released 6 months back.

This film doesn’t have a strong story line but I wasn’t bored for a second. Isn’t it all about the telling, though sesht 4 February Premam Malayalam Bgm Ringtones. While she goes he got a new lover which is the sister of his first lover. No humourless comedy,no unwanted songs. I will abstain from mentioning who and what they are because I think the makers purposely avoided publishing a trailer or showing them in the colorful posters. All three ladies was beautiful, but we came out in love with Malar teacher. The storyline is nothing new – a young carefree lad George falls in love for the first time and many times thereafter and how his outlook of the world changes with each lady love of his life.

I am getting carried away. The songs are nice not exceptional and fit into the story perfectly. Second love was the best in the movie.

The way you directed the movie deserves great applause.

It is clear that a lot of hard work has gone into the movie and it has been designed to be an entertainer and the movie has worked really really well. Movie is novel in its presentation.

It starts by showing the rawness of the college-school scene that is prevalent in Kerala, where lungi-clad boys await their chosen girls to come out of their protective dens just so they can blow a whistle or pass that atrociously written love letter. Anyway i don’t know what happens to new generation Malayalam movies. What impression will this film give internationally about malayalam films if this is a huge box office hit. Vinay Forte acted very well.


There is hardly 2 scenes of fights in the entire film and the main one in that being George’s collage intro. Production value and art was natural at it’s level best as most of the places shown in the film originally exists.

Slow motion scenes are used to great effect.

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You will certainly enjoy its beautiful melody. The actress Sai Pallavi makes quite an impact with her pizza face and wild dancing. The screenplay written by Alphonse himself smartly utilizes genuine situational humor to ensure that the audience is glued to the seats till the end pream the feature.

There is only below standard flirting scenes and those activities that youth do out of infatuation and I didn’t see a genuine love story too.

Preamam – Nivin Pauly – Malayalam Movie Mp3 Ringtone Download

She lights up the screen with her fabulous screen presence, and with the most precise of expressions underlines that she is here to stay. Great future for this site. Gerorge In College Bgm. It furthers some threads from the first act rather believably: They seem to have wholly vanished and are no longer seen fluttering around these alley ways toones with smoke and dust and have perhaps moved on to greener meadows where the sparkle of an unsullied dew drop awaits. Don’t think otherwise I wrote a review for the film which got released 6 months back.

There are a lot of cameos throughout. I should thank my friend and the makers of Premam for inspiring me to write again. Background Score by rajesh Murugesan is ultimate.


Being a lyricist and a singer, the actor have given all his level best performance at all areas. First love was fun, where prenam all the boys in her neighbourhood follows Mary when she leaves her tuition centre. Such were the roles of Vinay fort and the character who accompanies him. Being a great fan of the mastermind Alphonse Puthren and his debut film Neram, this didn’t disappoint me. We weren’t disappointed, it was really worth it.

It was like Autograph, but this was even more fun. It is definitely a watchable film that will brighten you up, but won’t change anything. Dear Alphonse Puthren, I think I know the reason why Premam was such a huge hit despite being a pretty average film. Anupama Parameshwaran has quite a presence but her role as Mary is fluffed over for the most part. All the 7 songs and numerous song-bits used were situational and never harmed the pace of the narration.

Show Me Deirdre odell Exclusive Karma Tune By Fillm All in all, this one makes for multiple great viewings, especially among those who consider themselves students of the craft. Made on a template that brims with inventiveness and unique stamp of the narrator,Premam is a good example of how intense belief that one has on himself can result in an alluring creation.

An error has occured. Vinay fort, Maniyanpilla Tonse was also good. Aluva and Malare songs were too good, especially Tknes with Malar teacher.