The result ends up with an explosion. So much for the iron rule of time travel. Still…a part of me wants to hate her so much. Other than that, major pwnage. There are alot of fan girls out there. Professor says his unknown power is terrifying.

The outfits that are designed by a head designer named Shiri No Janko makes both Momoko and Miyako look fat at the lower part of their body. One of them gets hit by the white light and is turned into pretty much an exact replica of Miss Bellum, although with different garbs. As a result, I never invite the girl to come to my home forever. Also, the idea of making it able to wrap around your arm is so sweet! How about Miyako, she walks past a construction site, where the black particles infected a crane in the work site. I saw the DVD announcement at 2chan this saturday. Souichirou makes it clear that he loves her, monster or not, and that he would always protect her.

Episose their debut episode, it was really Brick doing all the talking and their personalities were almost in unison: Anyway, getting back on track here, Evil Octi has managed to make the girls fight with one another. External Link Click here for a better view. Regular Edition — Vol. Oh, I misinterpreted what you were saying. He guesses the second time; this time is Pakapaka Girls Y.


Him is a much well-developed villian. She unleashes Buttercup Finish, a smash to the ground using the new hammer. Why are the ep all about Momoko!!!!!!

This gets repeated for a while. But their return absolutely ruined the RRB in the original, seriously. After this little bit of nostalgia, they transform Dynamo Z to its drilling Buttercup mode and make their way to 31 B.

Which character will be lucky enough to have moetorn face displayed on one of the remaining 8? Fumika and Hanayo then leave the school, frustrated of course, and talk about episove wanting to go to that party.

Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z – 45 & 46

Titles for this set includes the following:. The girls want to play moetrom other students rather than being Powerpuff Girls Z all the time and want to become her with their ordinary names.

As they begin to, Mojo unleashes a mega-punch, sending Bubbles and Buttercup into a bell tower Blossom into the bell itself. But apparently Fumika and Hanayo were starstruck by their surprise arrival.

Ken is thinking Kare is appearing so frequently. Finally she planted one right on the him, but nothing happened. As they go back to enjoying themselves, Him sends his black spores of evil after the girls, eventually catching up and latching on without their knowledge.

As the group looks on in fear…the screen fades to black. Well with another delightful episode under our belt, news of the official R2 DVDs were just recently announced! Other than that, major pwnage. Such minor inconsistences are the hobgoblins of my little mind. Ep 41, Part 2: How do you play an instrument without touching anything? Bellum So now there are only 8 boxes left.


Demashitaa! Powerpuff Girls Z – 36

If only more episodes were done like this. He shows that when the iceberg exploded, there were seven white lights hmm, sounds familiar that came out. Sedusa then transforms into a clone of Kinosaki-sensei.

After a bit of confusion, Bubbles come to the realization that…is interrupted by the scene changed to Mojo still tied up and rolling around. Sure, you can try mailing me at mokuhazushi22 at yahoo dot com. But not even I could tolerate this kind of cheap material — the episode never held my attention once.

To deserve to be mentioned, the girls have argued in episode 18 when they started to defeat the monsters, but why could this happen again.

Bubbles, however, being the animal right activist she is, is angered that they would do such a thing to an animal.