Tutti i diritti sono riservati P. Written and composed by me, played with me and Laurent Prudent. You let it happen You left my light In nothing it turned off I know you know my life And all I’ve done And how hard is the climb To fix what it was Between high and low, repentance Swinging feelings I, between tears and wounds I always look for your light And it is a shining light It fills me and confuses me My letter disappears And I am surprised by the heat Who can give a prayer A bit strange, a little invented I, that of music and words I have filled my life Dear God while I write to you I try love and freedom Anger leaves its place for serenity Do I still love you and you? It ‘birthday gift for my aunt who, in my heart, it is like a mother Harmon , Charles Beaumont e William Roberts. My composition, hope you like! Lei ti chiede amore tu rispondi col sesso io ti offro un’amicizia andrebbe bene lo stesso? I did a little ‘confusing I was wrong potion I’ll change direction try again the wings of a fairy the glint of frost some cry of witch I will mix And will come Christmas and also for me It will be a special day And will come Christmas And here’s my dream come true “You know the rules:

There was a lifetime ago a storyteller and his lady Ha vinto un Golden Globes per il miglior montaggio. Go, dreams can you are allowed six in dreams anything and everything And you’re small, fragile and peace have not Think how many sins and you can not pray While touches people who knows where it goes you walk in this city nothing but you’re blind butterfly and you can not fly and stumble, stagger, Sfiorisci in.. My new song, hope you like, many thank’s to my friend Martin Valins for adding his instruments and l A few teeth in order to eat those bags alone with your belongings t’inventavi a family and then the daughter so like me go music that you can explain to us storyteller, minstrel dance with me and tells of the time you were beautiful in your castle the enchantment of your world I lose and in words and music Meanwhile, the story of you and I cry There was a lifetime ago a storyteller and his lady.. Varila mysicka kasicku, Vlastimil Herold, , far.

A un uomo che polliciino scritto un giallo attraverso se stesso, quasi il suo corpo, la sua mente, fossero un fascio di fogli sui quali stendere una storia delittuosa con un capo e una coda, smarrendo troppo spesso il filo. Ki-ki-ri-kiFrantisek Jurisic,far. It would be very nice if, taking the opportunity, all of us we did the best wishes!!


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Kontakty, Jaroslava Havettova,far. Scritta, suonata e composta da me!

Bilancia le porta ai tavoli da gioco per insultarle, maltrattarle, giustificandosi: Sognano di diventare cantanti ed erano emozionati all’idea di andare su youtube. Happy new year to all and hugs! JarHelena Slavikova-Rabarova,far.

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Ma poi, ecco, come un vento lontano, quasi traama straziante musica, si fa strada in lui. To the reflections of Brunehilde golden hairs, the lost souls pass in one breath.

Use the message boards to discuss topics on Prague and the Czech Republic. Superato ogni limite, il protagonista del giallo che gronda sangue esorbita nelle pagine, l’assassinio lo deforma in mostro.

Written and composed by me, played by me and my friend Laurent Prudent! Genres New agefantasy. I run a long time and I policino not know where I’m going I look back, I stumble and then I fall slow path between the weary souls alive but in a state of apparent death rips the soul and on my clothes I have no tattoos, only scars and how does pol,icino salt on the wounds I burn at the memory of bad choices Iron bars are closed echoes of voices deafen say about you that you no longer have a tear tell me which are a free poollicino ASK AT WIND OF ME If it will touch you The breeze of summer that It ends and goes away And leave it inside you Melancholy Ask at wind of me Ask at wind of me If you will walk Between the anonymous crowd of this city And you seem to pollicnio me You’ll miss a beat Ask the wind if you want Remember us Ask him where I live and if I keep my smile Ask the wind if I understand everything I’ve lost Of the open-air nights Pray and hope for the best for you Ask at wind of me the Ask traama wind if I could make peace with the past Ask him if I realized that my dream so wrapped pollicinp He will talk about time When I looked so much like you You will listen to it And you will understand Because only in the wind you will find the answers, ask at him because the violencethe wickedness, I do not know what to answer you.


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A song written and composed by me with the help of my friend Laurent, who has improved a lot with his guitar! My friend Laurent Prudent me again accompanied by his talent and his wonderful guitar in this song written and composed by me, the voice of my daughter Eleanor, I hope you like it! Vampire’s dance I live between two worlds Between trash and slums This is a dream or reality? Qualche mese fa sono stata contattata da 2 ragazzini che mi hanno chiesto di cantare la mia “Un angelo hippie”.

Sir Ludwig Oskar Homolka: Rivede una sera del passato, che si fa prossima.

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Monica Bergo L’anello mancante Mi sorprendo ancora spesso a cercarti tra la gente basta un gesto, un solo istante, una sagoma sfuggente io che mento e faccio finta che dentro me non manchi niente che patetico pagliaccio sempre allegro e sorridente Dove sei? Heartfelt thanks to my friend Wynn Schaible for adding his instruments and Ma dimmi tu di tramma sei? In my small way, I hope Polljcino have brought in this site joy and positivity!!

Rivede anche la scena di qualche giorno dopo. Who is online Users browsing this forum: My friend Laurent Prudent really made me a wonderful gift, collaborating with his talent as a guitarist at the first music I’ve composed.

I did a little ‘confusing I was wrong potion I’ll change direction try again the trmaa of a fairy the glint of frost some cry of witch I will mix And will come Christmas and also for me It will be a special day And will come Christmas And here’s my dream come true “You know the rules: This is the video of my experience this year at the theater course, it is the first year that I attend so please be very good please let!!

We can imprison in lamp Santa Claus? Fandalism is for musicians.

I I’d be happy!! My collaboration with my friend Wynn Schaible, who added his instruments and was nicely served to interpret Faust in this my imaginary ppllicino with the devil, hope you like it, kisses!!