May catches a Bulbasaur. Ash sends out Charizard and Iris sends out Dragonite to aid them. Ash realizes this means that it is lost and promises to somehow help it get back home. May learns that the Hoenn Grand Festival will start in a month. May defeats Drew in the quarterfinals of the Kanto Grand Festival. She gets lost in a nearby forest, and hurts her knee, where she meets Ash and is rescued and led back to the camp by him. Ash’s Noctowl is revealed to know Whirlwind.

Team Wartortle and the Squirtle Squad make a reappearance. Ash’s Krabby evolves into Kingler. Misty and Daisy are both revealed to have obtained a Luvdisc each. Misty’s Horsea is revealed to know Smokescreen. Fuji is revealed to be allying with Giovanni as a means to fund his side project: Charizard returns to the Charicific Valley.

Misty’s Staryu is revealed to know Rapid Spin.

Ash catches a Cyndaquil. Ash and his friends encounter a wandering wild Spoink. Ash defeats Gary, marking his first victory over his rival and advancing him to the Pojemon Conference quarterfinals. Marshadow codes to be available in Americas, Europe.

Timeline of events in the anime

The group encounters a Lugia and its childwhich is later captured by Team Rocket. Aventuee Stone — Tamagotchi! The Viridian Gym collapses. Archived from the original on May and Max meet Butch and Cassidy for the first time.

S15 Episode 46 The Road to Humilau! Suddenly, Team Rocket comes out on stage, does their motto, and leave. October 21, until supplies ran out. You can help epislde adding this information. Misty’s Psyduck is revealed to know Water Gunalthough it is not perfected.


James ‘s childhood is revealed: Tracey meets Professor Oak in person for the first time, and also meets Delia for the first time.

Ash’s Krabby evolves into Kingler. The Underground Round Up. November 9 to 30, Ash learns he will be battling Ritchie in the fifth round. Misty’s Staryu is revealed to know Tackle. He is allowed to have an unofficial battle, but loses.

May’s Combusken learns Mega Kick.

Ash’s Metapod is revealed to have learned Harden. Jessie’s Ekans is revealed to know Dig. Mewtwo has had enough. Pokemob starts training Snorunt unyss use Ice Beam. Casey catches a Rattata. Ash learns that the next Gym is the Fuchsia Gym.

At the base of its neck is a black, stud-like feature, and atop its shoulders are similar, larger features resembling armor padding.

Jessie ‘s Cascoon is revealed to know Tackle and Harden.

Contents1 Biology2 In the anime2. May’s Torchic is revealed to know Quick Attack.

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Ash continues his Full Battle against Tyson in avsc quarterfinals and ultimately loses. September 22 to November 16, Meanwhile, Team Rocket find themselves stranded on New Island but enjoy their time there. Ash’s Totodile uses Scary Face for the first time.

Ash receives a Thunder Stone from Nurse Joy. Ash’s Tauros is revealed to know Fissure. The original VHS release sold 4. King and Queen for a Day! The Jigglypuff that Ash and his friends help out in this episode begins to follow them around. She gets lost in a nearby forest, and hurts her knee, where she meets Ash and is rescued and led back to the camp by him.


Ash and his friends encounter Casey again. In subsequent episodes where Lola appears, the dub follows the original with Lola leaving home and leaving everything in Brock’s care. May and Max learn that James comes from a rich family.

Ash meets Morrisona new friend and rival for the Hoenn League. Ash’s Lapras is revealed to know Water Gun. AshGaryand Harrison qualify for the Silver Conference. The crest on its head is based on a thundercloud.

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Ash is briefly reunited with his Lapras. Ash and his friends meet Captain Aidan and Team Wartortle. Misty leaves her Horsea and Starmie at the Cerulean Gym.

S15 Episode 17 Farewell, Unova! November 12, to March 31, El Pikachu Gorra Teselia de Epiosde.