Back to Gilmore Girls. Some Movie use lady has magical power or lady use magical power so I not surprised. Lorcia Cooper An eighteen carat, genuine friend. Sasha films her new music video. James performs in front of his hero Cheryl! I had higher hopes, and this wasn’t great. Of course he’s the badass. Overall it was decent viewing though.

Not bad but not anywhere near the league of Carpenter’s other projects. Find More Posts by cwileyy. In fact the first 7 or so minutes I was dreading having to sit through the whole thing. I feel like I’ve seen this movie before, but maybe I just saw some scenes from a documentary or something. However, ending did ruin it for me and a bunch of other people if you read IMDB and it did ruin it a bit for me. It has a very interesting pumping flavor that is light on the traditional spices this is opposite to the industry standard and finishes with a note of liquorish. The Rise of Leslie Vernon 70 Beware! I always find these kind of movies uncomfortable the embarrassment not the evil dummy.

That didn’t make a lot of sense to me and destroyed her character. And it also seems to be a running theme here for the first 2 Scream Factory Horror Marathon collections. Though some of the orimewire aren’t graphic, some are fun to watch. The plot to this one otherwise is super surreal. Very reminiscent of Tales From the Crypt.


But they didn’t bother to find out how the other movie made it look so good.

That aside this is an awful 80’s horror movie and only recommendable to contours of such trash. Or I was bored and just forgot about it. First can of the challenge and it really feels like slumming it. There are enough interesting remembrances and cringworthy moments so save it from being a disaster.

It was like I was forcing myself to drink some weird disgusting beer chemical concoction. Still a passable pleasant surpriseā€¦ I wonder if have I changed or is it just this beer? In his personal life, he’s Tex’s loyal best friend, who’d go to the ends of the earth for him.

This movie succeeds in being horrific. Maybe it’s because it’s the American version that made most of the movie dull?

I couldn’t hear any of the interviews or much playinum the legend even at full blast. The groom’s buds take him to a deserted island or is it? Milos is a former porn star who has started a family.

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Demon Knight Tales from the Crypt: Lorcia Cooper An eighteen carat, genuine friend. The second go around presented a pleasant marzen style beer.

This was probably Freddy’s peak, there is a lot I could say about this film but I have platibum cobbler in the oven. For a movie that stars the 80’s scream queen dream team there is an unforgivably low level of picture quality on this disc.


The 10th Annual “October Horror Movie Challenge” (10/1 – 10/31) ***The List Thread***

I wonder if this was a bottling mistake because I am not getting any hint of marzen at all. Holy crap, I was just about to put a pin in it until I realized this is a modern day Friday The 13th The Series episode!!!

Not much of a plot here, most of the movie in fact is without dialog but it’s movis like you watch Jean Rollin movies for the plot anyways. Last edited by SterlingBen; at Select Compatibility View Settings.

Did I just witness newborn baby fucking? Barbie receives a surprise package. Also how is it possible that this movie has 2 commentary tracks! For more on site FAQ. When it clicked with me though, it was great.

New WAG Sophia brings an alleged cheating scandal to light. Why Netflix has this crap streaming, I don’t know. A repeat purchase brew.

Scorecard – Can you hear me now?: Participants include the director and an apparent Fly II super fan. Katie escapes, and is rescued by Hellraiser II Oct.