In next year the council of determination literary norms from , the council of determination of norms from , with the presidency of S. The literature offers numerous texts suitable for foreign language lessons not only regarding the final demanding phase, but from the very beginning 3 ; specific lyrics and visual poetry could guide the childrens attention and curiosity in a playful way and teach linguistic structures naturally. I, saqme , xolo wlis saarqivo dokumentSi gvxvdeba kvauTis wm. The usage area of the russian language getting narrower. This, drawing a conclusion we should come to the conclusion that national Azerbaijan literature history embraces the wide research trend of Mir Jalals literature activity. The interest about Drama Motherland was great. The word-building constructions expressing comparison are used in an utterly creative way in the contexts.

Under these new circumstances, certain specialists spoke about the introduction of a new paradigm into German research activities on the interacting relationship between Fremdem und Eigenem things foreign and things peculiar to ones own culture in language, literature, culture and media 3. TeklaTis sasoflo sabWoSi 12 sofeli erTiandeboda: Great minds of Azerbaijan of Mirza Jalil, U. All these levels impose constraints on the translation process. Nonetheless, although there may be a fundamental moral ambiguity of paradox and dualities, the world is justified and redeemed by the reality of the existence and presence of the gods. Each unit within the hierarchy imposes its own constraints on the translation process. Gaster, Criterion, New York, Janashia later that of A.

On the macro level the translator has to cope with constraints imposed by organizational or institutional values and the systems. Consequently the translator starts identifying equivalents for each part of the given concept in Georgian language. The object for the comparative literature, according to this school of thinking, is to deeply study the works in their mutual relations of contact, interference, intertextuality.

The intermingling of the abstract and concrete, which we have noted both in the literature of Jerard de Nerval in his Supernaturalism, undergoes a state of evolution in the poetry of Yahya Kemal. Cven kidev ufro zogierT lirfi da mSiSara xalxis xasiaTi gvakvir-vebs, romelnic moufiqreblad, usircxvilod wamotortlaven rasme da Sem-deg, roca hxedven, rom erTob suleluri da saZagloba ram warmoTqves, un-daT gaisworon Tavis naTqvami, magram, gasworebis magier, axals uazrobasa da axals sisuleles wamotortvlen.

Interculturality refers to the capacity to experience and analyze cultural otherness and to use this experience with the aim to reflect on certain matters that are usually taken for granted within ones own culture and environment.

Those unobtrusive daily practices are described as banal nationalism. Nevertheless the Russian language keeps its strength within the former Soviet area poanis both ways. April 14 is celebrated as Mother Tongue in Georgia every year. This initiative was dekriminalizaxia quickly implemented, being already, in various degrees, an effective component of the curricula which are specific to many relevant educational institutions. From the compositional models the most widespread are determinative composites, the first direct constituent part of which is a noun.


Thats why works of the writer show his deep respect to M. Each part of a polarity is not a discrete stage that succeeds one another, but all the dualities of existence are indissolubly unified at all moments.

Irina Kruashvili Word-building constructions that express comparison in the German language Summary The word-building constructions expressing comparison occupy an important place in the German language.

Segal considers Euripides as the exposer of the discrepancy between the need for an orderly world and the actuality of dekrimminalizacia. The book is a part of the scientist’s soul and the definer and determiner of his artistic world. Let me help you, I interjected.

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It is very harmful to clean the language by throwing out the deep-rooted words as much as enriching the language by taking words from other languages without lexicalizing. In the modern times, German philosopher Leibniz was a polyglot, writing in Latin as well as in French, particularly in his scientific contacts; the Swiss mathematicians, Jacob and Johann Bernoulli could usually write their correspondence in Latin, French and German; inAntoine Lavoisier published in French Traite elementaire de chimie which became a basic book of universal reference just a detail: Thus XX century Literature can wholly be regarded as the concise history of our literature concise history of our literature arisen in the early period of the XX century.

National identity which contains ethnic, cultural and citizen elements has a multi-layer system. And finally the constraints on the micro level should be managed by the translator himself or herself. On the other side due to having the entrance exams in Georgian language for the higher education institutions the Russian studying students demriminalizacia less chance to pass the university entrance exams This is an unusual event in the Soviet Russia and naturally that situation disturbed the Moscow 6.

For this reason he or she shall apply to the relevant informational sources and observe all possible variations to dekrimnalizacia the best one. InEdward Tyler, in his book devoted to the primitive culture, offered a definition for culture, based on a complex area which includes inter alia: Two main categories of translations could be envisaged, bearing in mind the specificity of this complex process which combines a coherent knowledge of languages with the capacity of interpretation: Falling Snow by unknown author snow falling gently on stomping feet cold stinging the teasing and laughing children sculpted beautifully crystals from flakes dancing gracefully tumble and spin dekriminaliacia and tumble gracefully dancing flakes form crystals beautifully sculpted children langhing and teasing the stinging cold feet stomping on gently falling snow.

Die Wortbildung des Deutschen. ZonZiri komliT sulirac axalsoflis uwindeli saxelwodeba iyo. That decrease caused many problems for the population who consume Russian language for their needs. As we already mentioned a great deal of literature has been written about the process of translation and its stages.


At present, nobody can call in question of importance and necessity of oratorical skills. Another personality whose whole life was devoted to the interculturality is closer to the Black Sea space: During his long standing literature activity as the critic following modern literature process Mir Jalal researched the problems of Azerbaijan literature history and theory, as the prominent researcher and obtained some valuable benefits on the research of the range fundamental problems.

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The object of study became the personality of a literary work-structure, significance, value – which can be presented not only comeedy references of historical nature temporal links and correspondencesbut also of theoretical nature styles, trends, reviewing. On the dekriminxlizacia of dramatic literature, certain outstanding examples like: In this context, an academic institutionalization of cultural studies has been visible in the last decades 3.

Mir Jalal researched Fusulis creative work, first of all lyric poetry and it is interesting in itself that it happened when the vulgar sociology attitude to wards the classic heritage had not entirely disappeared, Mir Jalal put the most complicated scientific aim in his monograph. After the realization of the first layer of the translation process the translator goes through the decision making process that means that he or she will decide which alternative to choose for the exact and accurate transformation comwdy the meaning given in the source context.

Theme of Infinity in Yahya Kemal poetry appeares both mystical and mythological qualites.

კიბეები ბალახვანში

Jerard de Nerval applied the historical and mythological motives in his poetic collection. We think that the writer tried to express his protest by tear and grief. By definition, the comparative literature is an intercultural approach, bringing together into the sphere of analysis literary works from different spiritual contexts. He, along with everything that he may symbolize, will always remain beyond ones grasp.

It is very well known that a pre-eminent pleiad of Romanian personalities had strong educational and creative links with the French culture; among them, we dskriminalizacia mention: Translation-stage 1 Decision making-stage 2 Communication-stage 3 There is now a general agreement among translator researchers, educators and practitioners that among all those three stages decision making stage plays an important role and part in both the translators performance and the quality of translation product.

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The Greeks, instead of using abstract terms like the ones psychology uses today, used the language of divinity. The interest about Drama Motherland was great.