The square hasn’t changed much in the last 40 years. Unfortunately the Lamborghini of the Baron was no longer there. Again there are many cars now. But it is protected by a barrier and thus not passable publicly. After leaving the roundabout the police car continues his way over the town hall square. The observation deck today. The road is closed. The same place 40 years later.

Even the round logo on the archway could be the same. The square hasn’t changed much in the last 40 years. Flatfoot is addressed by the hunchback at the harbor. Only the mountains in the background are the same. The roundabout and the equestrian statue disappeared. Today the road is unfortunately very overpopulated. The dealer flees on his motorcycle.

During the fight you can see from above the church of Santa Maria di Portosalvo and the freight station.

Piedone Afrikában – Wikipédia

This scene was taken near the port of Pozzuoli. Bud and the baron in front of the club.

The chase ends at the observation deck on the Via Felice Minucio. Flatfoot is waiting in front of the school for the dealer again, but this time with some mobsters in the car. The square hasn’t changed much in the last 40 years.

The school no longer exists, the land lies fallow. The house of the Barons today with the terraces. Bud demages the Lamborghini. In the center of the roundabout is an equestrian monument. The Baron droves up with his Lamborghini. The same corner today. At the point where the ship is located on the quay wall in the film, there is an road to a ferry now. Today Flatfoot and the Baron would drive onlinee the wrong direction. However the square in front is currently a construction site.


The Mount Vesuvius is also still there.

Flatfoot finds the Baron dead on his terrace. Flatfoot waits for the dealer and is looking around. The dealer flees on his motorcycle.

Chase through the hills egyiptonban Mergellina 6.

Piedone Afrikában

The staircase in the background now has a green railing. The arrow indicates the point at which the staircase is. The second encounter with the hunchback was shot in the port of Pozzuoli too.

The same switchback 40 years later, this time without parked cars. Flatfoot paves the way by onlookers to come to the rescue to Tonino Percuoco in a pizzeria. The entire place is one big construction site. The nightclub is gone. The Fiat in one of the many switchbacks. Flatfoot leaves the villa and runs away. Pedone road still exits, but today it is a one-way street. Whether it be exactly the same is hard to say, but they look old.

The high-rise building and the neighboring building have changed little in the last 40 years. Flatfoot visits the Baron in his villa. Flatfoot is addressed by the hunchback at the harbor again.


Flatfoot has discovered the Tunis and meets the sailors outside the cruise terminal. The hunchback is found murdered in one of the barracks. Today the port of Pozzuoli looks a little different. The Baron has chosen a nice spot to throw his drugs over the railing. The Baron stops on the platform. Flatfoot is addressed by the hunchback at the harbor.

Flatfoot in Egypt – Wikidata

Flatfoot followed the Baron in a blue Fiat. The same place 40 years later.

The same view today. Bud provokes the baron by demaging the Lamborghini. Flatfoot continues to wait for the drug courier. The black sailor shoots wildly from the roof to pedestrians.

The baron at the Hotel Bolivar. Bud and the baron at the stairs in the Via della Cordonata. The Lamborghini is driving on the observation deck. The chase leads through an archway. The cruise terminal still looks almost exactly the same.