Dave talks about a woman who was present during the demise of the Colorado Kid, whom no one can identify. On to the main plot. He needed to go through all this to decide he was needed to help Haven? Now with Mara gone, Duke’s troubles escalate and erupt, affecting all of Haven and with a shroud around the town, outsiders don’t have a clue about Haven. However the consequences of Duke’s dark destiny wreak havoc on their plans. What if Vince IS Croatoan?

Audrey and Duke talk through to Lisa by explaining the troubles will end soon. We’ll get to why and how it ended up there at the very end of this recap. Realizing that she can save the town from Croatoan, Audrey must work closely with him to make a great sacrifice. Once Charlotte is brought back she can barely remember what happened to her, but once some of the memories start coming back to her she takes off, disoriented and confused. She also said that they looked at the remaining thirteen episodes as if it is indeed the last because they didn’t want to leave it on a giant cliffhanger just in case Haven isn’t coming back. By Gislef Nov 07,

According to the notes Nathan has from the Crocker family notes, the zombies get hungry when they learn how they died. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. They bring her to Ona — and resurrection happens. Why was Audrey so shocked while looking at Nathan after talking with Charlotte about her father?? Vickie Dutton Ken Shipley Meanwhile, Dave and Vince attempt to keep the doctors away from Dave’s infected leg, and Duke opens up to Mara about his mother.

English English Dolby Digital 5. I think Dave IS Mara’s father.

I meant to say “We know”, sorry. Vince reveals that the Aether in Croatoan isn’t enough and that a catalyst is needed to charge the new barn with love. April 19, [31]. Charlotte, wrongly believing that Mara has turned off Duke’s curse, combines Mara and Audrey into one body, eliminating Mara. We’ll get to why and how it ended up there at the very end of this recap.


I guess we’ll just have to wait and see. And then they eat the people closest to them. Dave cares for Audrey, is frightned by Sarah remember the episode were the dead came back? Two weeks since the new troubles have begun, the Haven citizens seek shelter at a school from a killer who murders in the dark. Yes, the residents of Haven are lost, and hopeless, and desperate. I really hope so because I love this show.

Audrey, Nathan, Dwight and Charlotte almost meet their demise when a new Tarot card trouble hits Haven. There are no threads for this page. Retrieved October 2, Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Using the Rougarou device, Nathan finds a cavern full of Aether. Duke encounters Lisa, a woman who wants revenge, so he and Audrey must calm her before she destroys anything else.

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Which means having Dave produce another vision. Shouldn’t he be like Charlotte and Audrey and age much much slowly or something?

Jennifer’s death hits Duke hard. The Colorado Kid which set this show in motion turn out to be Audrey and Nathan’s son killed by a mysterious hand man with the Guard tattoo which I needed to check by watching S1 all over againevent that wiped everyone’s memory of it Duke, his nanny, supposedly the Teagues brothers Episode Trivia — — Is It a Clue? Outside of Haven, Duke is having an exposition fest with a mysterious guy who seems to know everyone. Post a new thread. The trouble has also affected the people back in Haven.

Audrey said her dream as an orphan was for her mother to show up and take all the orphans home I don’t remember correctly but Haven means something like home for the orphans in an ancient language, right!?


It will be a sacrifice that will save Haven but destroy the woman he loves, once and for all. Haven, where Nathan and Vince try to piece together all of the scattered information Charlotte left behind, so they can figure out what exactly Croataon is after, how they can stop hwven and how they can build a new Barn. Mara didn’t really say much about the Crocker Trouble except that she wasn’t immune to the Troubles inside Duke but that seemed to be because of the whole re Troubling gone wrong that Audrey did.

Looks like Ona actually has a Resurrection Trouble and is surrounded by a little group of dead friends. Unfortunately Charlotte is currently perditua Dwight who is trying to get her to remember. Retrieved September 1, Edit Details Release Date: Native Breaks Free Audio Commentaries. Which is when they have to barricade the police station Night of the Walking Dead style because pedritus of resurrected zombies are hammering on door trying to get to Lainy.

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However, Maddie ends up dead and they learn Croatoan has been collecting the aether so he can emerge from Dave on his own. Do we know him? We now that Dave is partially from the other side and could be Mara’s father but again Havrn was killed by a hand which we saw belonged to a guy with the Guard tattoo so your theories could be right.

Tony, Dave, and Vince. Duke Crocker Laura Mennell Does one serve cranberry sauce or apple sauce with faces?