And I really empathized with many characters, especially once some of them have undergone some change. His intelligence is focused on becoming a supreme warrior – again, underlining the fact that the parasytes all develop unique personalities and individuality. Justine Hostekint as Jaw Kana Kimishima. The various arcs didn’t seem to connect with each other too well, and many of the best characters were killed off midway, leaving only dull ones to carry the story with far less charisma. Like the recent Banana Fish anime, it takes characters from an ‘ Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Daichi Nakano eps Hironori Nakayama eps Planning: It is very far away from how things are now.

Even some of the villains are likable, I never expected myself to actually root for someone on the other side. Joanne Bonasso as Ryoko Tamiya. The friend I was watching it with saw that it was coming apart at the seams and decided to stop watching and do something better with his time only two episodes away from the end, I regret not following his lead I hated Murano, the love interest with no personality other than to be either a whiny bitch or a blank slate, and few of the other characters were that interesting, either. The philosophical talks they have and the justifications of their actions. Looking forward to the final battle with him to be sure! Eiichi Takahashi John Ledford.

On a side note, welcome to the subreddit where people are only turned on by cartoons of Japanese teenagers! Migi detected a bunch of parasite signals at a political gathering, including six that were elevated above the crowd.

Reminded me of the filler ending of the Claymore aanimeshow. Devilman’s Theme Songs Sep 9, You and I may be the wierdest crime-fighting duo ever. I hated her and her stupid voice and her stupid face and her constant stupidity. I would love to talk about this in detail but to me its the most essential element of the show and I dare not spoil it.


Paul Locklear as Sasaki Yakuza ep I don’t see Hirokawa supporting the culling of ‘weaker’ humans anywhere – just the culling of humans in general. Definitely one of the best animes I’ve ever seen.

Nippon Television Network Recording Studio: It was all so unexpected, yet so realistic. Sara Ornelas as Keiko ep 13 Miyake eps Ms. Akane Fukuhara Key Animation Director: I took the larger meaning to be that altruism, while pointless in-and-of-itself, is an unavoidable side effect of happiness, because comprehending happiness requires empathy. And sure, there are hundreds of anime that have a similar get-up, but what makes Parasyte better than almost all of them is one simple thing: They accomplish this by “eating” the humans’ heads and replacing them with their own bodies.

Parasyte the Maxim and Aldonah.

Parasyte -the maxim- (TV)

On that note it also deals a good amount with psychology. He dubs this creature ‘Migi’ and over the course of the series they develop a more symbiotic relationship. Post Meta anmieshow in the monthly meta threads. Because if it’s the same, then those who’ve read the manga will probably get no surprises by watching the anime, since they already know the storyline.

He took out entire squads of soldiers with hardly episoce scratch.

A couple of interesting plot twists at the end were well done. Akiho Suzuki 15 episodes, Inhe began drawing the artwork for the Boruto: And then, Shinichi broke the world record in m sprint. It was a nice scene really, someone else used the word tasteful, and Episodw think that’s appropriate. Shinichi Izumi 24 episodes, Luci Christian The sub-plot with the private investigator also didn’t add much.


I feel like he knew it wasn’t likely he epiosde going to get out of this alive so he took this opportunity to monologue exactly why he did what he did to try and get his point across. Again, it’s still a great and worthy anime to watch!

Deb digs in to it. Cayla Coates as Brat ep 11 Young Shinichi ep 4. Daniele Valenti as Kazuyuki Izumi. The climactic fight scene achieved exactly what the writer’s wanted with this reader feeling deeply sympathetic for the parasyte that had evolved over time. A segment of Episode 02 will tell you that, you will know what Im talking about once you hear it.

Anime info Airing show discussions Frequently asked anime questions Rewatches Weekly discussions Watch order guides Recommendations. Then Gotou kicks his ass, explaining his moves the whole time, before sending his head flying. The Maxim — 8. Why are parasites being led by a human of all things?

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It could be both: Yamagishi never stood a chance. Junta Terashima as Middle-school student ep 2. I’m not sure if there’s an official term, but there are a few tropes on TVTropes in regard to having sex before something dangerous and stuff, so it episoee seem like a common trend in fiction at least.

Shinichi saw exactly six people on a platform, and the mayor was one of them. Cayla Coats Studio Tech Manager: Shingo Kamata Omnibus Japan. I knew it sounded familiar!