Clean channel with gain and volume with the drive channel It is simple, since I use this delay, I do not remove more and I try to find a pedal that would be able to imitate no I’m not exaggerating! I recommend anyone who needs a nice practice amp or something to jam quietly while you baby is sleeping. Ideal for solos, in my opinion. Only thing that would have been nickel: I especially like it with a Strat or a Les Paul or other humbucking style pickup. The amp is voiced quite well to be a solid state amp and that is the best part.

What I like with this amp: Group play with this amp with a pedalboard front. This is the general opinion that I have for the majority of the ones that have come out onto the market. The built in effects are solid and the distortion sounds much like the distortion you would hear from real Orange amps. Let me begin first by saying I hate amp modelers. I play it with an Ibanez SA I will not go into more detail, everything has been said.

The amp is voiced quite well to be a solid state amp and that is the best part.

Transistor 35W A clear channel and a drive channel. Only thing that would have been rc35ldx Log in Become a member. The effects are impressive clarity and warmth, as I rarely heard a good combo. It has a huge impact on the sound, it does not randomly dose.

Too bad we can not cut the foot.

Although the lack of adjustments for the effects seen their quality is boring, ditto for the remote switching. A transistor amp great with a great sound. This is the only point I would fix if I mr Orange.

The higher the rate of the effect over the amp sounds loud. And used to the knob Overdrive gauge upstream of the overdrive sound while the gain defines the overdrive from soft to hardue.


What I like with this amp: The drive is special because the kids rule does not alter the clear sound. But I’m not Rottschild and it’s not my style to engage in compulsive buying! Well done to understand the work that the gain for the clean channel and the overdrive channel. And I’ve used, no need to mess 3am to find the sound you want.

And it does not sound synthetic like most amps in this price range. This product is no longer manufactured. Sort by most recent most useful. Absolutely nothing to do with all the other amps I tried. Only flaw is the lack of power, just to play repet limit.

Orange Crush Pix Series CR35LDX Guitar Combo Amplifier 35w CR 35 LDX Amp

I installed my hp preferred 8ohms it works without concern, and blocked the openings of the cabinet, explanations: Original construction, the back is almost closed open down about ten cms and the panel of the cabinet has a hole diameter 6cms in each corner. Frankly, I love it! You sound an Orange amp lamp but a transistor, so small volume too! It is relatively easy to obtain the desired sound. It sounds very real and articulate much like a real tube amp would respond.

Orange Crush Pix Series CR35LDX Guitar Combo Amplifier 35w CR 35 LDX Amp | eBay

It put more delay ms with the effect knob at 7: Never seen it, not bass reflex. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services.


Request a new review. The tuner is independent, does not cut the sound nor the changes, you can leave any time without further mini light show to impress your friends. According to what is the metal, it needs an effects pedal to push in this area there is clear. You have a built in tuner so no need to bring that along or any effects. Since at the time of purchase I had no pretensions or group stage.

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A word about the finish: Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Just grab your guitar and amp and you are off. The clean is clean and you push the gain and the amp starts cruncher. It’s simple, when I tested it, it was out of curiosity, I’ve never seen a small Orange at this price.

I was not at all to buy it, but testing it, I found it so nickel no kidding! Say with the amp up and face the fact that the scene but do not restate its pid impossible.

What an amp apart. Any guitar you throw at it will sound amazing! The drive is beautiful, very natural and open, a clarity that makes you want to play. Orange has a distinct tube distortion that crosses the lines throughout all of their products.

Ideal for solos, in my opinion.