The Lion Level 9: Sunken City is a location in Oracle of Seasons. Plant a bomb right by it and head into the uncovered room. Head down two screens from here to reach room 1F-D3. You can use an ember seed to light the brazier and take look around. When this happens, head to the right to find Sunken City. Push it one space to the right to lower a chest from the ceiling.

Once you reach the far left side, use a Small Key on the block to get to the northern exit. There’s a Deku Scrub who will fill your Seed Satchel to maximum as long as you dig his hip tune. Toss the mushrooms aside and swim the path of water they were blocking right one screen. Equip your Feather and hop over the long rows of spikes, anbd look at the right wall. After leaving the house, head down two screens. Head up the steps and open the chest to obtain the Slingshot!

It’s a hint for a small key upstairs, in case you skipped it.

Still, this is all sunkdn can be done for the moment. Back to the chef’s hut, continue north-west. Light a bomb to blast the cracked east wall. Jump on the first one Link comes to when it appears, then on over to the next that also appears at the same time.

Cross the bridge and swim across to the steps. Once you reach the steps at the far right side of the cave, head up and walk back left one screen along the upper ledge.

Hop down to the lower area and take out the Buzz Blobs. Here, you will encounter the Blue Lynel for the first time during this quest.


A Link to the Past. When this happens, head to the right to find Sunken City. Head into the cave here. In the next room, unlock the block with the second key. There is a spring flower under the cliff here. Ocean King Part II 4. Swim over to the statue on the left side of the room and push it on top of the switch in the top-left corner. The next walkrhrough is host to a floor switch puzzle.

Go north from here to find a long, long staircase. Equip the Slingshot with the any type of seed and hop into the mine cart. Scale the ledge on the right here and head up one screen. House of Gales 3. Once Talon heads home, continue around the upper path and push the green block Link comes to to the right. The Snow Realm 5.

Sunken City

If Link has not already met Dimitri having instead obtained either Moosh or Ricky ‘s fluteSunken City is where Link meets him for the first time.

Hop off the ledge and back on Dimitri to exit this cave, then head on over and up the rightmost waterfall back to the cave where the Master Diver is located. Grab the Aunken for defeating Agahnim and head right one screen. When you’re alone with Dimitri, talk to him and he’ll let you climb on his back. Oh, and a good deal of shiftiness. First of all, switch the season to spring. The next room is patrolled by a group of Skulltullas.


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Eventually, each torch will fade, so they’ll have to be lit several times during the course of the fight. Cross the bridge and jump off the cliff on the far left, taking Link down one screen onto another ledge with a cave entrance.

The light won’t last long, so keep the Seeds equipped. Hop across the green moving platforms and go right one screen. Ignore the Moblin King and instead continue right into the Sunken City. This Dungeon is coming sunjen

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In the winter, Link can climb a snowdrift south of the city to buy potions from Syrup, the witch. Work your way back to the mine cart on the first floor and ride it to the west. This time, have him drop you on the high ridge. The Legend of Zelda: Unlock the purple block using a Small Key, then head down the staircase to the basement level, room B2.

Follow the shallow path of water down, then head to the left side of the room to find another staircase.

Once you reach the far right side of the next room, head down the purple ladder to discover another Gasha Seed.