Use the gloves to knock the ball into Digdogger, and he’ll sustain damage. June 10, at 5: When all enemies are defeated, continue up another screen where Link must face the mini-boss from Level 2, Facade. Here is a list of all the bosses that you’ll face as you travel into the dungeons. The Mighty Collection 4. Aquamentus is the first and easiest boss to defeat in the game. Now here’s the tricky part:

On the ice battlefield, Twinrova will send spiked balls of ice of at you. You can easily run away from both attacks, but Dodongo is vulnerable when he opens his mouth. He’ll also try to swipe and crush you with his claws. With the seasons in chaos, the land is robbed of the very essence of nature, draining all of might! From my experience, the rarest of items are often times other Magical Rings and not the Piece of Heart. She will thank Link for all he has done and various places throughout Holodrum will be shown returning to their normal seasonal order.

Walkthrough The Gathering Level 1: Twinrova will have a final word ono the credits as they watch on through the now lit Flame of Destruction…. Tower of Hera 5. Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion.

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Move to the right of him and Spin Seasoms him. Do this enough times, and you’ll slay the evil dragon. First Three Days 2. He’ll try to squish you with his heavy hand, swat you with a sweeping hand attack that covers most of the floor and can’t be jumped overand spit fire at you.

When they all drop, the doors will open again.


Grab anything you can from the vases here, then continue into Onox’s chamber. You’ll need the eight Essences of Nature that lie sleeping in Holodrum.

During this battle, Onox will attack Pf by either trying to squash him with his hands, spitting out blue flames at him, spitting out red orbs from the outside of the screen to the inside and back outside, or swiping his hand from one side of the floor to the next. Mothula circles around the room, shooting fireballs at you as it flies.

There is a cosmic poo-storm that occurs when Link shows up with the Huge Maku Seed.

You can deflect either with your sword. Onox is the final boss in the game, and is invulnerable to regular sword strikes. Go back to the Maku Tree with all eight Essences. Breath of the Wild. To do this, Onox is tasked with the burden of capturing the Oracle of Seasons and submerging the Temple of Seasons.

Kotake shoots ice attacks, while Koume shoots fire attacks. Tower of Spirits 3 6. Great Bay Temple After speaking with the Maku Tree, Onox will appear in his castle and challenge Link to odacle him. If you can dodge Medusa Head’s merciless attacks, you’ll defeat the snake-haired savage once and for all.

General Onox

In Search of the Sky Temple of Fire 3. You can help Zelda Wiki by expanding it. Ganon holds the Triforce of Power, making him an epitome of ultimate and unlimited strength. If you are killed during your fight with Onox, before saving turn off your GameBoy and continue from the castle steps. The reason you move close to the edge is, SO THAT, when you Spin Jump to hit the jewel on DD head, you will land on his other hand and be in position to immediately jump back across and hit the jewel again.


Oracle of Seasons Himekawa This section of the page is incomplete.

Do Secrets in a linked game transfer over? In other languages Deutsch.

Onox deals out massive physical damage with his attacks. Equip the Rod of Seasons and use it to deflect Din out of the way, giving you a good obox seconds with Onox.

Don’t run back just move back pace by pace to avoid the balls. Meanwhile, he’ll be trying to smash you to dust with his huge morning star.

The ultimate King of Orace. Holes will begin appearing in the floor. Aquamentus is the first and easiest boss to defeat in the game. Song of the Hero He has only two attacks: The whole time, hold down your Sword button lf charge up.

When Facade drops, move north again. You’ll have to do this seven times in order to beat the first part of this stage. However, if you deflect a fire attack at Kotake or ice attack at Koume and it hits, they’ll take damage. I recommend saving your game before slashing a Gasha Nut.