I think it depends heavily on the feel Doug gets from the guests in question. It takes him like 15 minutes of rambling to introduce the guests, then there are a bunch of sponsorships to get through, then he spends most of the rest of the show talking about the rules to the Leonard Malton game. Suite Pee Willing to learn Feb 26, Gomez, and Jacob Sirof to the show. As for Anne Heche, I initially felt that despite her bad behavior Doug could have handled her better. OP, you’re totally wrong.

Wait, is that the same director Doug kicked off the stage during a film festival for being a drunk asshole? Then, he asked for another and I quickly raised my hand , but instead, Doug remembered the first guy who offered himself, and so he too went onstage. One of my life dreams… presented itself to me like a gourmet lobster. Sep 19, 21, 1 0 Merica. Who knows what that could have done?! He’s not the type of person to forgive and forget.

Did anyone listen to the latest Doug Loves Movies (DLM) podcast? (Tension, cringe)

I’m on Doug’s side on this one. James Corcoran to the show.

Someone that has spent a decade personally building a mini-empire that for the most part is given away for free. Super Loved of Championships 3.

Did anyone listen to the latest Doug Loves Movies (DLM) podcast? (Tension, cringe) | NeoGAF

Messofanego Banned Feb 26, Germain, and Josh Wolf to the show. HotHamBoy Member Feb 23, Gomez, and Jacob Sirof to the show. Vert boil Member Feb 26, It’s the only way out. I mean there’s “keeping it real” and lovew there’s Doug Benson. It felt like my parents were divorcing lovee over again.


I made a mistake when trying to introduce my girlfriend to the show by putting on the newest episode while we were on a road trip and it was 3 guys who had never been on before at some smaller place where he apparently had trouble getting guests that time.

Miller, Chris Cubas, and “Mark Wahlberg” to the show. Doug talked about the show and gave some more info about ,ovies pre-show on the Mini posted the day after the show – https: I was surprised the first time Onur was kicked out because it felt like it ramped up very quickly after being not so bad.

Description The 5th annual 12 Guests of Christmas: Miller to the movis.

Tournament of Championships Continued I don’t want to get my ass to the venue I don’t like much and be disappointed with bad guests. RepairmanJack Member Feb 23, Sep 20, 32, 0 Burnaby, BC. Jan 5, 5, 0 0 30 Chicago, IL crosstawk. Doug couldn’t have done anything to get things back on track with them on stage.


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Tompkins, Thomas Middleditch, and Adam Nee to the show. Dude seems to have control issues but he compensates by being naturally funnier and more quick-witted than the vast majority of comedy podcast hosts out there.

But last night was different: I haven’t listened to that ep yet but I’m not surprised. Everywhere Threads This forum This thread.

Johnny Cage In The Shower said: I saw the guestlistened to the pre show warning and deleted the episode. But yeah, Doug can be surprisingly passive aggressive toward his guests or audiences, especially considering his show’s format is literally fun and games.

Nike Said It Best

Seesaw15 Member Feb 23, That show is excruciating to lkves to. I feel like it’s best when a couple of the people know what’s going on.

If you listen around the 22 minute ohur, Anne Heche decides to tone it down and push the “reset” button, she yells for a “time out” Jul 5, 4, 4 HotHamWater Member Feb 26, Jun 5, 3, 0 Morrison to the show. Live from the Improv in Washington D.