By being overwhelmed with anger at the death of said brother? But hopefully with Tyrion and co by her side to counsel her, Dany will be more like Rhaegar. At what point do they become, say, a Jaime Lannister? Stannis was only the most experienced left because Ned was dead. It was enough, a spark that will ignite a huge fire. I loved the Meereen scenes too.

Lexus of Bridgewater provides car loans, auto loans and auto financing. When Harvey and Zane can’t stay on the sidelines, Donna does what’s best for the firm. In the books he is a good military tactician. Rickon never even got to say a word, poor guy. Despite every spoiler read, when Jon was sinking under the men and that haunting tune played I thought he was done. Is that what made him an idiot?

Did u find it hassle free? I killed my first buck with a bow at age twelve. Seriously, it was stupid of Jon. Season 8, Episode 11 January 23, How did she know that it was the Smalljon who handed Rickon over? My mind goes back to those dreams Jon had about visiting the crypts. So, you see your little brother running to you, with the f-cking Ramsay Bolton shooting arrows at him, clearly going to kill the boy, and all you -master commanders and all-rational people- would do is just sit on your horse and watch the boy run and run just to be full pierced by Bolton.

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Our service doesn’t end when you take your loan! Daeny and Yara is my new ship. He knew she needed closure and he allowed her to get vicdav.


The wildlings getting wiped out and Jon losing his shit? Really, for fck shake…. Alex is caught between Harvey and Zane as Louis struggles vivcav overcome a shocking setback. It was even more stupid given that Sansa told him the night before that Ramsay would do something like that.

And of the whole I had callbacks of War and Peace. Had the same thoughts, but I loved it.

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Then when it looked like his luck had run out and he was nearly buried alive it was brutal and the flash of light and shadow was gripping. The battle scenes were impressive in their depiction of chaos, but my favorite battle episode is still Blackwater. The film makers have done a wonderful job making all of this look so real, but maybe somebody can dig up that pic of the prop horse. Spectacular from start to finish. Also give it up for walking out of that with only rickon and wun wun dead.

You don’t have to pay tax to get the so-called tax credit. Someone on the other thread mentioned how common this type of mistake is with the Starks- the heart overtaking the head.

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HBO has a huge GoT following it be such a shame for it all to just end and disappear after two more years. Night and day full movie The battle of Winterfell was so sad and brilliant. Jon had a plan, and it was a reasonable plan, but all reason was lost once he saw Rickon and was riding to try and save him. Rather strange since he seemed like Ramsays new bff, wonder if he will show his head still.


I fully believe Tormund can fight anywhere, he seems like someone with that gift. I am keen to see What Does Empirelsayer Littlefinger does!! Where is Bran though?? Many types of loans are available to help students at California State University, East Bay to achieve their educational goals.

That premise was one I could not accept. On a different topic: Also episoee irony in Mel looking on as er, it may or may not jave been worth the resurrection idea, Rickon is after all the presumptive King in the North after all if they are re-asserting Robbs Kingdom….

I loved the complexity of the winterfell battle: His father is Ned. Well that post got long but I guess I am saying he is not being stupid in the sense that he is making a huge mistake whilst thinking he is doing the right thing. I think Jon fighting his way through the pile of bodies tonight was his moment to choose life or death.

Dany burns the ships, Littlefinger to the rescue, good guys win. And so does north and KL as always particularly interested in what happens with Mel and cersei.