A bit rushed imho, but who cares, right? One that’s not candy fluff or typical, rather heart wrenching and deep beyond imagination, one that gives her license to be who she really is without mocking it, without faking it, without pretending to be someone else because she needs to borrow a body to express herself I’m thinking that maybe SA will do it with SW and she won’t “pass on” and realise that her grudge isn’t being a virgin ghost but because she was unjustly killed by SJ. She’s just there so Soon-ae has a body to her disposal. Assuming Soon ae is the first lead, and assuming she is the one Chef is truly in love with, this means I have second lead syndrome for Na Bong. Awww Soon-ae, you did good. And, okay, if I’m being completely honest, a lot of this is because I have fallen completely in love with Chef.

Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: SW continues to impress me with the kind of boyfriend he is. How can Soon Ae use such a light term like “remarkably bad” after seeing him beat that innocent man to near-death? When dramas resolve things quickly, we complain too. Then meeting Soon Ae got her apologizing to Soon Ae instead of the other way around! She thought that visiting Sung Jae would be of great help and indeed it was. Let’s not forget that even before he was possessed, Sung-Jae tried to kill the child of his adopted family which let to him being chased out and returned to the orphanage. I ship SW to love both girls as a whole for a good reason:

Then Sun-woo arrives and puts everyone to work, going about his work briskly and avoiding looking at Bong-sun. What we’re watching by DB Staff. Hi Divyrus I wrote to you under Comment 5. This is something that I have been trying to say in the official drama threads but the hate just keep episkde coming lol I think Joon likes the real BS whereas SW began to have feelings for SA after a series of events that brought them closer from the cooking competitions, getting her sick after their first kiss, and comforting him about his HS bully.


There was an accident!

SA’s mother died when she was really young right, so I find it sweet how Shaman unni acts as a guide for her both spiritually but emotionally.

I think it’s because he manages to do it without ever really making episofe ass of himself. Hope you are doing good!

I don’t know that BS necessarily sees through SW gloating, as much as she doesn’t seem to mind that he does, and goes along with it. I just wish we had more time with these amazing characters. Then I feel those were not wasted characters and or filler bits, but well summarh in the writing.

Please enter your username or email address. The minute she made a mistake, Chef fired her on the spot. She fell for him. I also loved how heartbroken BS was over losing SW whom she loves so much. I too would have liked to have met him, and experience what you describe in your paragraph.

On the upside, now that the situation is as dire as it can get, I guess we have nowhere to go eposode up? However, I feel that it’s because of this little mishap that many ppl are so against SA I could be wrong but bear with me a bit let me explain.

Its just like a license to push around the Maknae. Sometimes one has to do that in life. He’s starring in his own rom com in this drama – or I guess, for him, his own melo romance.


Oh My Ghostess: Episode 11 ยป Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

The trembling voice, and the way he sounded near tears really got to me. What is he consenting to? She presses her face against her palm and swoons, which answers that. They should’ve given more glimpses of his worry for her before the possession. There’s no way of satisfying us is there?? I think he is probably in love with Na Bong Sun and that’s why I don’t pity her at all.

Much appreciation for the recap Javabeans. This only works tho, if in overcoming the possession it means that it will eliminate the Evil Spirit’s entire existence. How will Chef realize that the real BS is lovable in her own right? Sung Jae indicates that she texted her final words to her father back in the days and he still believes it was a suicide. I would loved to see more of Bong-sun. As a Soon Ae-shipper, I needed this confirmation.

When she burns her hand, she hurries to run it under water while telling herself firmly to get it together, to be strong.


And am glad they are getting along. Thank you so much! Kim Seul-gi is on a good path to a lead role, sooner rather than later. Why did he kill Soon-Ae?