Posted 16 October – It kind of sounds like a quiet “snap” of the fingers, or a tiny click of the tounge against the roof of your mouth. Odyssey is a great brand. Apr 10, 5 Comments. Sickest putter i’ve ever held! C’mon ups, step on it!!!. I just ordered one of these bad boys yesterday, so stoked for it to show up so I can get my paws on it!

Nike Method Mod 90 Putter Giveaway. Pro James liked the roll — he felt some other putters made the ball jump a little, but the Odyssey putter seemed to deliver a smoother roll from both distances. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Not to mention how easy it is to get comfortable over the ball -Responsive, I can tell if I have hit a good putt -Soft, but not to the point where its a marshmellow covered in cotton candy. TheMackDaddy, on 15 November – Advertise with us Privacy Terms. I think to myself on the way home ” There is not one thing in the world that is going to stop me from taking a nap. I want one now to put my XG 9 to rest.

The 9 putter has a great look with a bigger head than a traditional blade. This creates an ideal balance of the putter so that it promotes a smooth stroke from anywhere on the green. Carbon steel putters feel different from manufacturer to manufacturer, probably due to the different grades used. Tou 15 March – Posted 12 November – Hop on the bandwagon!

PUTTER REVIEW! – Odyssey ProType Tour Series #9

I should have tried a 9 odyasey a long time ago. With this feedback, they were able to develop a premium line of putters. This soft feel allows a putter to have a more consistent and pure roll. I live for this feeling. The 9 toe hang wouldn’t seem to match with my putting style but I love the history of this style of putter and I seem to be able to aim well with it.


My old putter was an old school Cleveland Classic style putter. I picked up a ProType number 9 odysxey couple of weeks ago and I love it already. I opted for orange, as I like orange. How many of you have picked up an Odyssey 9 in a golf shop and thought about making putts with it? I’ll do my best to describe it. Feedback from Tour Pros provided design insights that allowed the ProWorks team to create the most finely tuned putters Odyssey can make.

The carbon steel head helped deliver a soft feel and Dave was delighted esries the overall performance.

Looks like my old putter wants its spot back. Golfspy Dave 7 years ago. On contact, the putter makes a “click” noise which I really like. This is a really sharp looking, phenomenal performing putter.

When I first saw the spy pictures for this putter, I just started salivating. This will vary from person to person.

I am stuck between a number 2 or 3 serkes the protype series or ;rotype number 2 in the black! I have rolled the protype a couple of times in Golfsmith and it feels really nice also. Not the most forgiving, but a top offering. Tour-tuned weight ports in the sole optimise the putter head optimize the putter head with the shaft length.

There are two alignment lines on the Odyssey ProType Tour 9, one in the center of the cavity and another one perpendicular to it on the back edge of the top-line. In order to hit putts, the putter has to have a solid feel. I have a 9 White Ice on the way for some experimenting, which I ordered with that same Protype Black grip.


Odyssey Protype Black #9 FULL REVIEW! – Putters – GolfWRX

Designed, Tested and Proven on Tour, the ProType line was born out of unique putters crafted for the best players in the world. We want you to get the most out of your money, time and performance.

Looks like you’ve found a winner and, even worse, just as I thought my putter days were gonna cool off Possible Holy Grail material. First off, I’m an Odyssey guy. A deeper, sharper milling pattern on the putter face increases interaction between the face and the ball for better feel, truer roll and more consistency. Puts every other 9 style to shame Even some tour Del Mar’s.

Black putters are the way to go! Headweight Optimization also helps to optimize feel, control and accuracy. I attached some pictures of the putter, comparing it with my black i series putter, and the headcover. Lots of my freinds know that I am a huge putter ho for being a junior, and nothing ever comes close to knocking my beloved Black “i” series 9 out of the bag. The odyssey pro type, to me, felt amazing – just perfect. Prior to putting with them, golfers are drawn to models that fit their eye, even before they fit their stroke.