After she helped him up, he fell in love with her ever since then. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. However, he is interrupted by Nagi, who wants him to join her track and field club with Kaede. Television series Tenchi Universe El-Hazard: Television series Wandering Son Kotoura-san The Animation — Humanity Has Declined I translated it so you non-Japanese people can read it. That is most harems are

Heaven’s Lost Property the Movie: War on Geminar — Maken-ki! This article needs additional citations for verification. To play Devils advacate for a little bit, what if it fallowes like the stories in Tenchi Muyo, and Tenchi Muyo GXP, whair the guy ends up marring every one in the end beacause of secumstans not choice off choice or the choice chooses him. Asu no Yoichi Nyan Koi! Jyunpei is given a pair of tickets to an amusement park from Nagi, who wants to settle things with him.

Although Tama and Noir argue, they eventually settle their differences.

So if you are inpatient you can touch the manga actually, or you can be patient and wait for 2nd season SunyiNyufi said: More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: G-Taste Asobi ni Iku yo! Jyunpei meets Chizuru Mochizukia postwoman who has no sense of direction, and decides to help her. When Jyunpei starts to neglect his promise with Michi, the latter decides to enact revenge by putting him in a very embarrassing situation.

kou Of the 27 episodes, the animation will deliver a pounding beat! Heaven’s Lost Property the Movie: Btw I pretty much like how Junpei is firm on who he likes. Kanako stumbles upon Jyunpei, who is taking a part-time job as a postman, inviting him to peisode with her to the movie theater.


In a haunted house and then on the Ferris wheelJyunpei sees this as the perfect chance to get closer to Kaede. They don’t just switch genres between seasons.

Archived from the original on March 15, He goes on to say though that it tries to go with “some unusual twists”. During a downpour, Jyunpei, Kaede, and Kanako take an unconscious Nagi to her house, which so happens to be a mansion of a yakuza.

The Animation- No One is Alone The next day, Jyunpei catches cold and misses class, so Kanako visits to give him the study guide handouts and take care of him. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Yeah the ending still far. The caba cat later moves in with Jyunpei until he can find another home.

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As the local cats in the area gather around her, Kaede realizes how Jyunpei cared for the cats, believing he was never cursed. No, it’s not decided yet!! However, he is interrupted by Nagi, who wants him to join her track and field club with Kaede.

A forced kiss would only make things more awkward between Kanako and Junpei, mostly cos they still couldn’t become real friends again since it’s most of the time Kanako abusing Junpei in one way or an other.

Together Forever — Ai no Kusabi Maken-ki! Saisom response to all the “He won’t ever chose anyone.

However, if he does not grant wishes to cats, he will turn into a cat himself and die from his own allergy. Okay guys, let’s go buy some dvd’s: And if he did pick a girl, how could there be a season 2?


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Television series Wandering Son Kotoura-san But I still have hope that they will finish in good way and Junpei will choose Kaede. To make matters more complicated, Jyunpei meets Chatoraan overweight cat in need of a diet, but he is upset by the fact that this cat rejects such advice at first, making him feel lightheaded.

The manga is still publishing and rpisode still far away from end i think. I beg your support! The next day, Kanako, who worked part-time at a concession stand, gives Kaede a present.

However, a student inadvertently spills a bucket of water on Kanako, wiping off her makeup, and after she loses her temper and chases him, Kaede finds her to dry her off.

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He later asks Kanako to help him get a cat to climb over the wall outside before returning to the pool. A Voyage to Remember Jyunpei suddenly begins to turn into a cat, having Kotone and Akari help sneak him out of the post office unnoticed. Soon enough, Kaede begins to develop feelings for Jyunpei, concerned of who he saisoh have an interest in.