Jason finds information about the ” Launch Date ” in the files, and he and Bourland go to the jail to talk to Arthur Dent about what the Launch Date is. After he saw a camera move outside the shop, he deduced that Charles was inside. But this is no ordinary dictionary When Dent sees Whit, he becomes very animated and tells Whit that he has to get him out of the hospital. They also switched the package at the post office. He anxiously tells them that Novacom has bought BTV. Jared’s parting message, left in code: Tom stops by to tell Whit about a neighborhood meeting about the new Whit’s End; Tom thinks they may be voting to try to stop the construction.

Add to Wish List. The new Novacom Kids Center, that’s what. Jason finds Duncan in a wheelchair at a rehabilitation center. His dad even found a hidden camera in a book in his office. Before Aubrey knows it, the two of them end up locked in the library! Later in the day, Connie meets Robert Mitchell , a community relations worker for Novacom who wants Whit to give reviews of Novacom’s programming. The case against Tom is dropped.

Just as they are pondering this, Rodney shows up wearing a Novabox Helmet and tries to steal their birdhouse. Suddenly something strange happens on the listening device.

Just then Bourland comes in. He can’t get through to anyone.

Whit can’t figure out how to manage his schedule and fit in everything that he’s supposed to do. Connie is so novvacom about Mitch that Nick decides to give her some advice. Meanwhile back at Whit’s EpisodedConnie is telling Whit that the phone lines were out that morning and that a lady came by to fix them. They found the modem, but it self-destructed when they tried to touch it.

She gets out and demands the package.

Could Whit’s invention be used for evil instead of good? A few days later, Whit shows up at the Connellsville Whit’s End. She tells him about the computer, but Whit tries to calm her. Moments later, it does. Charles tells Mitch he has a bright future with the company and that he’s done an excellent job keeping track of Mr.


Novacom Saga (collection)

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. She investigates and finds her dad praying. He says that cameras may be connected to novacim company called Andromeda Arthur Dent meets the two of them later in their hotel sagx and sets up a meeting. He tells her to stay out of it. Whit doubts the connection, but takes it more seriously when Jason tells him that the same kind of boxes were installed in Alaska and that they are having the same kind of problems.

They note that Mitch is being taken to Maine for a funeral.

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Charles has a way to stop them. Jared says his family is in the Witness Protection Program because his father found some scathing information about a company called Andromeda.

The Station won’t work without it. They decide, or at least Cal decides for them, to go see what the problem is. Arthur Dent, convinced in his insanity that Mr. Whit and Jack arrive at the post office and Whit recognizes Monica. Bensonthe security consultant, shows him the whole setup. Jason gets a disk from Eugene and asks Walter to put it in the safe at the radio station.

Later, Alex’s mom walks in with his dad saying that the College accused her of hacking into the college computer. She did not escape with her life. Mary says he could help Whit with the Imagination Station, but Whit says he doesn’t nkvacom anyone episoded looking at the Imagination Station plans.

He goes to a neighborhood meeting and stands up to make a proposition-he will bus the people of the Heights back to his shop in Odyssey for free so they can see what it’s like and see that he’s not in it for money.

Aubrey can’t believe it; Erica Colburn has moved to Odyssey! Nick laughs it off and Whit wonders about the change. Then, Jack meets Arthur Dent, who gives him a package for Whit just before a car screeches around the corner and chases Jack’s cab.


They type it in and the computer crashes. Aubrey is wowed at Erica’s house in Chadwick Hill and the way she has a seemingly endless money supply. Aubrey asks her parents if she can work there and they reluctantly agree. Later that night, Aubrey and Erica novaclm riding in Todd’s new car when Erica demands Todd to pull over. He makes connections to “Breaking Point” and “Plan B. It says “Novacom transmission test Charles is talking to Monica on her cell phone.

Brianna is ecstatic, but Tony is uncertain. The page seems to be all encoded, but later the kids break the code. The day arrives and buses pull up in front of Whit’s End filled with people. Erica, trying to help her dad, tricks Nick and Aubrey. He says that he was paid by a bald guy with sunglasses to break into Whit’s office and put a “dictionary” on Whit’s bookshelf. Charles was caught and taken away. Sarah is startled since that’s the same thing that Jared said.

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Then he gives Alex and Cal the password they need,? Mike Mulligan thinks that the “Odenten bug” is causing all the violence. She won’t tell him, only that sagz can’t trust him.

Whit thanks Tony and hurries back to Whit’s End. The celebration is cut short when Whit finds hidden cameras all over the shop.