Any more thoughts about the phenomenon of the Cinepanettone would be very useful for an essay I am writing for school I cinepanettoni sono veramente sul viale del tramonto? Was here a couple of weeks ago. In the morning the two again encounter the woman, who aims her bow at them once more and interrogates them. Although his early ambitions were to become either a priest or an accountant, he instead became part of Rome’s underground theater in the late s. The comedy is not bad, but I wouldn’t call it a good one, whatever you say. Yeah, I realized that the second time I read what you wrote. Have you seen that one?

His onscreen debut came in the film “Berlinguer ti voglio bene” , which he co-wrote. Cheri I wonder how you can get hold of those Italian movies of the late 60s and the 70s, you are missing some incredible films. Massimo Troisi and Roberto Benigni Italy – min. I am Italian and I live in CA. I use film to help me learn Italian. Saverio feels at ease while Mario simply cannot get along with what he is going through and aches to go back to his time. Have you seen that one? In a series of comic sketches, two friends, Saverio Benigni and Mario Troisi suddenly find themselves in while on a drive in the Italian countryside.

Non Ci Resta Che Piangere ( English subtitles) – video dailymotion

The immersion method was very good for me. Forced to come to terms with the fact after being in denial, they make friends with Vitellozzo, brother of the man killed in the inn.

Anyway, it’s a comedy: He knows everything and his website is great! Troisi came to international fame through the success of Il Postino, directed by Michael Radford. My last hope is you that if can find any store who has this movie or I w ill keep writing to video stores in Italy, may be I will get lucky otherwise I will close the book englishh this.

Non ci resta che piangere (Nothing Left to Do but Cry)

subittles She begins to smile, like she is familiar with this…. Films by Roberto Benigni. Cheri I wonder how you can get hold of those Italian movies of the late 60s and the 70s, you are missing some incredible films. Where did you get this? The plot is very simple: Afterwards, he appeared in three more films by Ettore Scola, none of which were of particular merit: Bill, could it have been Noi Credevamo? I have enjoyed your reviews and movie suggestions very much.


Troisi is not so easy to understand for those not somewhat used to hearing la lingua italiana as spoken in the outskirts of Naples San Giorgio a Cremano.

She is caught making love to Mario some time englisy, at which point the two men have an argument, finally racing to the ocean shore. He knows more about older stuff. You have a GR8 passion…. Saverio breaks down and reveals that his real intention in stopping Columbus was preventing piantere future birth of Subfitles, his sister’s former boyfriend, who broke her heart when he left her, in the hopes that she might be happy again.

Sadly, the only occasion we had to see together two of the best italian actors of the century: I know so little about Italian cinema beyond 10 or 15 years ago. I am 17 and have lived in Rome from almost 10 years, so of course I love almost everything about Italy!

I will keep trying to get this movie because I have some scenes of my own in this movie. skbtitles

You can see from the beginning that most of the sketches are improvisations; their acting is so natural and clean. I wish I could go to the movies in Rome every day — Magari! Look there are chf two Hollywood remakes of European films that are even better than the originals while the rest are beyond the enflish of beyond awful. Thank you so much! Subtit,es original film poster.

The subsequent “Scusate il ritardo” picked up the character of the shy young man lacking the skills to manoeuvre his way through a life fraught with difficulties: He was posthumously nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor for his role.

Chf I understood it correctly, Mussolini seemed like a lousy husband. You may want to post a story on the upcoming Italian Cultural Film Festival www. I had not heard of this kind of DVD player and will definitely get one!


He became the second actor in Oscar history to direct himself in a Academy Award-winning performance the first was Laurence Olivier and the first actor to win a Best Actor Oscar for a non-English speaking role.

One of the most boring films ever!

If you have any more questions please ask, but it is definitely aubtitles the investment! Saverio feels at ease while Mario simply cannot get along with what he is going through and aches to go back to his time. US distribution are sub-titled in English or any other language. You boys always love Romanzo Criminale!

This site uses restx to provide a better experience. I follow the stories but miss so much good dialogue. Your website keeps me up to date with what is going in with Italian cinema, and the actors that populate it!

Grazie per avermi contatto! In the morning, the two wake up to find the man urinating onto the street from the window. Thank you for your wonderful blog, inspiring and helpful and your enthusiastic readers are great too. A film that proved an even bigger hit with movie-goers was the profitable “Nothing left to do but cry Non ci resta che piangere “which Triosi co-directed and co-starred with Roberto Benigni: I commend you for all the great information.

Saverio argues that both the extermination of the Native Americans and the creation of American pop culture are disasters that must be averted.

Troisi, you do not understand what he says, in all the films he speaks in a kind of dialect that only he understands. I am so glad you found the answer — you should always go to Nigel.