But TC is a bit different than most kdramas in terms of pacing, so maybe they’ll give us something in next episode. I’m glad they seem to be staying true to their vision for this drama. While trying to get closer to him, she starts to wonder about her own future as she is nearing graduation. Beebeestar November 18, at 8: Email required Address never made public. So far the one that have been posted in this thread. Only on dramafever stand 20 episodes

Kiyora doesn’t know what he’s talking about. It makes a lot of sense that it would be Yoo-jin who would push him toward acceptance, because everyone else would have given him sympathy or pity, and Yoo-jin just tells him to stop pitying himself. Masumi knocks him out of the way and thanks Chiaki, but can’t bring himself to graduate from him. I think that people should really give this drama a chance and watch it without comparing it from the original. The two begin a journey together in which they start to develop and grow as pianist and conductor. Chiaki remembers back to Nodame asking what was wrong with playing freely and for fun.

I wanted her to take the opportunity to go to Europe, see the world and become a better pianist, and after that, if she still wanted to be a kindergarten teacher, cantabjle be it.

While trying to get closer to him, she starts to wonder about her own future as she is nearing graduation. I agree with Harmonyfb. Stepping outside of the series, we admire how it manages to use classical music as a stage for the story.

Epiosde of curiosity, the download version of this Nodaje belongs to which album? I totally agree about Joo Won! Meanwhile, Rui is forced by her mother, Mrs. This site uses cookies. The Japan’s cast all really knew how to play their instruments except for the main except that Juri did play most of the scenes in reality unless it’s those really difficult technique.


So maybe that brother replacing him in that. Yoon Hoo grabs him and asks Yoo Jin to leave the matter alone. I did conducting in Middle School. I thought he will send someone to take his place as cellist for his and Naeil’s performance, but none of that happened. Nodame asks Chiaki out while he is distracted composing music, and he later denies saying yes.

Chiaki Shinichi Skilled pianist and violinist, multilingual, popular with the female and some male population at the college. Anyways this episode was really good. Mentally everyone tells cantabilr he epiosde do it. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The two begin a journey together in which they start to develop and grow as pianist and conductor.

Cantabile Tomorrow Episode 11 [English Substitles]

Tamaki-kun got the lesson too, and I heard his conducting got praised by professional classical musician, TOO. Better call me Mrs. He tries Nodame’s cell, but it’s still turned off. She comments this must have been before his fear of water.

He wanted to be nidame like that for Chiaki.

Well let’s just say that in the original, yoojin is a pretty hard-to-get person for naeils character but it will happen! Beebeestar November 18, at 8: Announcements February birthdays Login Issue. Chiaki S Oke Shiki ” Japanese: Dean Song is thrilled when the chairwoman calls approving the orchestra.

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Yoon Hoo assures his mother now that the surgery has gone well he is ready to restart his life. Not the same from the scene.

Quality of the drama is really high. Besides, his dad is lost without Nodame to taste his new dishes.

Download the latest version here. In such a fantastic way, though! So Uncle assumes she actually knows more than she does and mentions the plane accident, which is news to her. Also, if I remember it right, several musically inclined individuals, like jb, have mentioned how Joo Won IS conducting and not acting as a conductor.


He calls his mother and with tears in his eyes tells her it is finally time for the surgery. He rightly pointed out that Yoon Hoo was only giving lip service to respecting Nae Il. Episode 5 by TeriYaki. Time to add new conflicts and competitiveness between our characters. Yoo Jin tells Nae Il he understands her nerves. However, taking part in competitions and becoming a professional pianist is not her main aspiration: Korean dramas rarely get sequels.

Yoo Jin tells his mother Uncle called.

I’m wondering if they’ll make a sequel showing the Paris chapter of Nodame Noda immediately fixates on Epiosde, wondering if she should make him a new shirt. Well, everybody can get lesson but not all of them can really understand the subjects.

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Masumi attempts to impress Chiaki during orchestra practice but is thrown out for showing off. I’m happy to see the actor that plays Yoon Hoo, he’s so subtle yet cantaabile delightful character to watch! Psyching yourself up to deal with the pain and then discovering your partner ditched? Yoon Hoo realized he had to have the surgery. She did not get a chance to follow through because Yoon Hoo cancelled but she was ready to face the stage fright.

His dream is to lead orchestras on the international epsiode as a conductor. She has 23 messages, almost all from Eto.