I agree with your point Ash.. Did I still think it unnecessary? Mahira Khan keeps surprising with her portrayal of Falak. Lol love this …. But atleast it forced us all to think for while …. I really wanted to make portraits but everyone told me it was gunnah and some people even said in main jaan dalni paray gi so i had to leave fine arts eventually though i never really got the logic but society makes the rules that is why when Sherezat went on air i was ready to hate it but they really are not speaking against arts as such ,and with the help of your reviews i could understand a much better version of it. The awkwardness in that scene could be so felt — brilliantly done by the trio!

I had a smile on my face in quite a few places and it was hilarious to see Tabinda feeding Mekaal chicken leg with her hands lol!! It helps drive home the point SeZ is trying to make. Maria the point they are showing is that not bad deeds lead to bad taqdeer,Falak is not turning religious for her fate to turn around she certainly has seen the world and to her it does not hold that much charm anymore. If one did not have that connection, which Falak is now slowly reaching out for, we would be in one big mess. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: That takes a lot of courage for one to do.

Did I walk away aggravated? From a much humbler background, Tabinda has no appreciation for the finer things in life. Nani-Falak scenes are full of joy for yaye and i guess for all of us. Honestly I think because of these stretched out episodes, the whole message is becoming confusing and lost. That single word cannot really give away the whole meaning of the play.

S3TV – Nikhar-Gaye-Gulab-Saray

Falak always have a special relationship with mirror. Realizing mistakes and making amends is not a process that gulqb overnight — it takes time, sometimes years.

Loved loved loved the last thought! It would eposode be far from the truth to say that I switched on this latest episode feeling really exasperated, with my finger on the fast forward button. When he pushes Khirad against the wall because he had to lie to his mother, again when Hareem asks for a brother.

Ultimately, like Falak, she too has to turn to God for solace — her family and social friends are of no help. I mean Tabinada went for so long to pack for Falak for home hahah MK: Idhar to na tea parties hain, na sania maskatiya hai, na Labels, aur tau aur Ensembles bhi nahin! Shehr-e Zaat is an enchantress, a beguiling city of mirrors nikhae you see your reflection at every turn. So I feel like on screen the drama keeps on giving the hint that this would have never happened to Falak if she has been religious!


Scene with Imam-deen turns out to be my favourite, dialogues by Umera always move me and this time it was about Shukar.

Nikhar Gaye Gulab Sarey by Hum Tv – Episode 72

Lol love this …. SZ, thank you for putting on paper on screen now what I was feeling. Before I begin, let me just say that all along I had been expecting Shehr-e Zaat to end epjsode run today; the news that it had been extended to accommodate an extra episode was extremely annoying and off-putting.

She is working to support herself and Hareem and is planning ahead for a future without Asher. Also, Salman is not religious in the least. I am posting this on a blog. I wonder what Falak saw when she turned around to look in the mirror.

Even someone like naani ends up epispde the inevitable question: A lady wearing a Sania Maskatiya shirt: I simply loved the nkhar of Falak and Tabinda and how Tabinda really was acting all obnoxious rude but saying so many crudely humorous things ,ponay char sou jotay.

I am so glad that Falak went back to the house and confronted Salman because seeing is believing. Had it been so i would have been the first person to speak against it as i for one has been in a way effected by these kind of dogmas. SZ you always so beautifully summed up every installment that i always felt nothing to add. You no what I bet she is counting her samman again like how she counted stuff in her closet hahah ASH: I hope too, that as viewers we can epidode some of these lessons to heart and use them to better our lives….

Shehr-e Zaat – Episode 17 Review

Mehrunissa pondering about what falak said to her, was done in so realistic way, i can so relate to this; and she offering Salah. We got to see the much awaited confrontation scene between Falak and Salman where Falak openly asks everything she was feeling without thinking twice. In fact, she even says that she does not say her namaz and keep rozas, when episodw was talking about not keeping statues.

Things are moving in the right direction for Salman and Tabinda, despite them not being religious. Prepared to hate on it, I had initially thought of skipping it — after all who wants to watch a filler episode? As for will she be getting much happiness in the worldly sense the path of the pious is a difficult in this life and promised rewards in life hereafter. Waisey bhi, with SeZ hopefully coming to an end next week, this is an opportune time for us to share what we liked or disliked, what messages hit home and which ones missed the mark….


We got to see one on one with Tabinda and Falak and then all three together. I too am a bit miffed that it did not end but I guess it makes sense as it answers a few questions. I just finished watching the last two episodes last night and I am still pondering over them.

So if Falak was a little close to God and did tauba and shukar maybe the story would have been a little different, and maybe with her duas Salman would have changed.

Nikhar gaye gulab saray episode 63 of the walking

If one did not have that connection, which Falak is now slowly epsode out for, we would be in one big mess. Think about it, in no way is Tabinda remotely religious. She is helpless as she watches her daughter suffer.

Yes, this path that Falak is treading on is not an easy one — she has no one to lean on anyone except her relationship with God, to help her overcome the pain and rejection, she felt on seeing Salman ecstatically happy with Tabinda. As you can see all her flashback thoughts are of what Naani had been telling her Shukar and Tauba. I sat down thinking it was the last episode and then things were moving so slowly that I went what is going on and got a shock when they showed the preview of the next episode lol!!

This story is more for the people who have perfect lives so feel the need to not remember God bc nothing can go bad. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Salman would have cheated on Falak even if she was completely religious.