We’re documenting it now and realize this is late game Cassi nerf, but we’re watching how this shakes out first. We’re tuning her damage back slightly to relieve some of the pressure other midlaners have to deal with against her, but Leblanc as a champion is performing pretty close to our expectations overall. Nidalee is a champion that I have used a lot to climb with this season and I am happy to pass the information along I contest the idea that Sunfire Cape ever falls off. Post a Reply Prev 1 4 5 6 7 8 Next. Health per level up.

Just makes minion waves more important. BF Sword falls off because late game it only really gives 30 AD. You can now summon pets, structures, and minions in your team’s base gates i. Dota Auto Chess Custom Map? Ive taken this from the start of a ranked game, as I couldnt play that day. While the usability fix to Rappel shouldn’t be understated that move is really difficult to use , our changes are to increase power in ways that you can feel.

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My 2nd comeback League S8 Nidalee jungle gameplay, played right after the one I uploaded yesterday! Even with a weaker early-game than most other marksmen, we’re adding some punch back to his poison to encourage and reward the smart trades so necessary to his success.

This is a video to help newbies or even experienced nidalee players for build and clear in season 7! But changing the map in this way is just stupid. While the usability fix to Rappel shouldn’t be understated that move is really difficult to useour changes are to increase power in ways that you can feel.


Singed E deals max health damage. The rise of Froggen once again. While very strong tank junglers are obviously top of mind, we’re excited to see a shift in a junhle direction.

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Despite the ‘Better Nerf Irelia’ jokes, did you know her last nerf was 3 years ago Marchand that she’s only been nerfed 4 times ever? Nid’s a polarizing champion where, when she succeeds, generates more hate posts on forums around the world than most other champions combined. Finally, we’re putting a real penalty for missing your bolas, as in a lot of cases the Sejuani that managed to miss was rewarded with such masterles heavy slow that many teams would just get run over anyways.

Pages that were modified between April and June are adapted from information taken from Esportspedia. This page was last edited on 1 Decemberat We’re pulling back on that to give her opponents a better window of vulnerability to exploit. Scip swason amazing at videogames. Similar point-blank AoE spells: That is why it falls off: With plays beginning to fully respect Tibbers as an entity he has feelings too, you knowwe’re pulling back on some of the free damage you get just for being within hugging distance.

Speaking of using the same transition to advance the conversation, we’re currently happy with the new addition of jungler diversity in a post-patch 5. Anyways it’s a dumb argument to take resists into consideration when comparing flat non-true damage. This site is a part of Wikia, Inc.


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Navigation menu Namespaces Page Discussion. Irelia E damage lowered. Smoothing out some interactions and fixing some bugs should see her and Valor’s synergy in top form for the fighting, and now even resets her basic attack for some high-level Harrier optimization. Sejuani W damage down. Karlsson my wayward Sen. Heres one of the ways to do your first jungle clear with Nidalee since patch 6. Also the Wits comparison isn’t entirely valid because it still gives multiplicative offensive stats AS.

Galio E’s cooldown gets lower with rank. And even if they pick those champions you can get away with Kog if you play smart. I think the nerf didnt really hurt her clear at all. But the Wit’s End comparison is a bit more direct.

Gamepedia’s League of Legends Esports wiki covers tournaments, teams, players, and personalities in League of Legends. I can upload one with regular runes if youd like as well! Maths need to be done for this, but it shouldn’t be jhngle bad. YouTube 9 months ago. Go read the notes.