Ish heads to The Big Apple , where he protects the Giants ‘ Shard from the dreaded flying blitzbot disguised as a group of blimps. Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens. The Patriots defeated the Rams by the score of 13—3, tying the Pittsburgh Steelers for the most Super Bowl championships with six. He has a very short temper and hates losing more than anything. After making a temporary retreat, he returns with Ash, who snuck into the Command Center with him, and together, they successfully protect Detroit’s Megacore. The Ravens defeated the 49ers by the score of , handing the 49ers their first Super Bowl loss in franchise history. It was promoted as having fewer rules to encourage rougher play than other major leagues. Season 1, Episode 4 September 27,

In , Simpson was arrested and charged with t It is explained that Sudden Death’s goal is to retrieve all the Shards to rebuild the core, then to use the Core’s power to turn everything into BlitzBotz. Eric Decker and Ray Rice. Series overview After the first 10 episodes of Greek aired, production was halted because of the Writers Guild Strike. They take them on, but are overwhelmed until Ish and Tua arrive, with the latter taking down said BlitzBotz single-handed, though they unfortunately overlook the BlitzBotz completed objective. Ish confronts the Mimic and ends up immobilized, leaving Ash to take it down on her own. Jim Brown and Josh Cribbs. Season 1, Episode 1 September 6,

Add to Watchlist Added. There, his questioning of OT leads him to reveal his true form of RZ 6. Ish has to guard the shard in Pittsburgh, where Steelers coach Mike Tomlin helps calm tempers so Ish and the Rusherz can prepare to ward off an attack. Despite this, Ish takes the time to reassure Jackson, Coach Jones’s new ruh, and invites him to hang with him and the others.

At the same time, he struggles to keep his grades guqrdians and is under constant pressure from his parents to do so.


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After a game of Redzone Retaliation between Marty and Jackson, with the latter as the winner, Marty and Troy are offered special controllers by two individuals, only to be trapped in a virtual Redzone Retaliation by the disguised Angkoro and Stellaria.

During his visit, O. Microsoft games Revolvy Brain guardian. Tua later vents his frustrations by showing his strong suit, blocking, on the football field. Darren McFadden and Jamaal Charles. They send Ish out to steal the Detroit Lions Megacore.

After saving two passengers on a blimp recording the game that was hit by a stray attack, Troy and the others work together using the blimp to take down the Flair Jfl BlitzBot, protecting Green Bay’s Megacore and procuring the New Orleans Megacore powering it that was previously lost.

Mike Tomlin and Marvin Lewis.

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Ish is at home with his parents and Ash enjoying Thanksgiving football games when he hears a news report saying how football players in Houston are falling ill. Member feedback about Tony Gonzalez: Later, Sudden Death is tricked by Wild Card and Drop Kick, but their plan fails, and Sudden Death gets back the rings, which also ends in the destruction of his own lair. The new season ran 24 episodes, and was produced by Rollman Entertainment, Inc.

John Madden and O. The first episode premiered on February 17, Though it seemed as if Ish and Ash had missed the Sectionals, Ricky informs them that he had his dad postpone it so that he’ll be able to face and beat Ish fair and square. Titans game, but the defeated heavy-duty blitzbot uses the last of its energy to hit Steed with a Corruption Football, turning him into a Blitzbot.


Korra, the series’ protagonist, is the next incarnation of the Avatar after Aang of Avatar: Tue becomes uncertain of what to do next, but Shandra gets an idea Member feedback about List of United States Christmas television episodes: He tells the rushers to get him through the wall so Grizzly runs forward and the blitzbots shoot at him, blasting apart the wall in the process.

Episode list using the default LineColor. Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones makes an appearance in this episode. She lost her Mother a few years ago, and is now being raised by Charles Reynolds, her loving, sometimes overprotective father. Meanwhile Ish, his mom, and all the remaining Rushers listen as Michael Strahan gives a speech. Adrian Peterson and Jared Allen. Angered, Sudden Death sends in a team of blitzbots that assemble into a super blitzbot.

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Lists of American children’s animated television series episodes. Season of the Guardians on September 6, ; [2] it premiered on November 30, It’s at this point that RZ decides to have Shandra bring in Marty, inducting him as the fifth Guardian.

Hall of Fame NFL player and coach Mike Ditka described Payton guaardians the greatest football player he had ever seen—but even greater as a human being.

Now Sudden Death is back, and looking for revenge. Unbeknownst to any of them, Sudden Death has learned how Ish uses his locker to get from his school to the NFL stadiums and is now plotting something. Revolvy Brain revolvybrain Lists of American zoone television serie