My on Decent, if not exactly top notch, installment in the John Corey series. I ordered The Panther the moment it was announced. If an ordinary man begs you to get him a work visa to the States in exchange for information, he is working for the government or al Qaeda , and he just wants to get close to you and obtain your trust. Meaning, the next book will have the Intelligence Community baddies, as well as the next, and the next In fact, Wasim could not see any of the National Security police in their distinctive blue camouflage uniforms. The Panther remembered when these famous ruins attracted more Westerners, but unfortunately because of these recent reports of Al Qaeda activity in this province of Marib, many tourists stayed away.

Kate and John are offered an assignment to go to Yemen and apprehend this monster and being on the al-Qaeda kill list, because of their killing the terrorist known as The Lion, makes them great bait to use to lure The Panther into a trap. Corey is his usual wisecracking and musing self but he does it so much at the expense of the plotting that you sometimes realize 50 pages have passed and you’re still in the same spot. Anyway when I got to page and the same old stuff had been regurgitated for another pages I was going to put it down Corey suspects that Chet might have more on his mind than killing the Panther. Even the private moments between John and Kate are light. Sempre presente continua a estar o humor e sarcasmo de John Corey. The good guy’s actions are not only from a single viewpoint, but the utter disregard for someone else’s norms, territory and right for views is galling. The more I read the more I starting things Mr.

Ruthless and elusive, he’s wanted for multiple terrorist acts and murders—and the US government is determined to bring him down, no matter the cost. Only the last quarter of the book provides any real interest for the reader.


The Panther

Do I like this job? Oct 02, Christa rated it it was amazing Shelves: A new kind of explosive?

They’ve been specially selected, since the American born and raised Panther would like to “arrest” John and Kate, too, to avenge the death of an al Qaeda terrorist that they were responsible for. On publication day when I heard Paul Bremmer was in the book I was gleeful. I was so excited it was coming. They will use the Beduin tribes to fake the kidnapping of the Americans and when the Panther comes to meet the Beduins to get the Americans, Chet will use Predator drones armed with Hellfire missiles to take out the Panther, and it turns out the Beduin sheik as well.

I listened to this book instead of reading it.


View all 21 comments. The bus was still there, but the truck was not. Annette heard this and translated into French for her compatriots, who had seemed anxious about the exchange between the two Arabs.

And then they would be released. As far as his stars go, Kate is the true professional and a real hero of mine and as for John, well in a recent interview I did with Mr. Also because of this situation, the Belgians had arrived with an armed escort of twenty men from the National Security Bureau, a para-military police force, whose job it was to protect tourists on the roads and at historic sites.

This book tracks John and his wife through an adventure into Yemen against a known terrorist the Panther, no spoiler there.

Anyone who is a fan of DeMille’s John Corey series will want to read this book, but I have to say, I was disappointed. I’d rather see t Deemille far as DeMille books go, this is the lower-middle end of the road.

Oct 24, RJ rated it really liked it. In Yemen they are paired with associates from various lettered agencies to help get the job done. Nov 04, Nilesh rated it did not like it. Ok, I get it demilke Corey is supposed to be a hardened former NYPD detective but ease up on the attempts to be humorous.


End of spoiler alert. You are a servant of the infidels, but you should be a servant of Allah. Not only is the book heavy, but so is the story. Meaning, the next book will have the Intelligence Community baddies, as well as the next, and the next John and Kate eat. But this book will by no means stop me from buying another Nelson DeMille book as soon as it comes out.

Despite the negative comments, I still di I am a big fan of this series, but John Corey 6 was disappointing and, IMO, pages too long. Ruthless and elusive, he’s wanted for multiple terrorist acts and murders-and the U. He studied the Belgian tourists.

As the Belgian girl translated, Wasim glanced again at the bearded man in Bedouin robes who was standing too close to his tour group. I gotta say even though it was a fun and entertaining read, deille probably gotta be my least favorite in the John Corey series.

The Panther | Nelson DeMille

Of course, I’ve never given the short version of anything, so here is the rest: Even the private moments between John and Kate are light. View all 6 comments.

American and European archaeologists had spent many years and much money uncovering and restoring these pagan ruins—and then they had left because of tribal suspicion, and more recently Al Qaeda activity.