Charlie’s Bar Lucas gets off the phone with someone from another garage and explains to Michael that no one wants to take Steph on. I don’t like it when we fight. Michael thinks it’s a great idea but he’s just made one amendment – he’s including the juniors as well as the seniors. He thinks this may be partly his fault. And this is why I will never have kids. Ten began screening Neighbours on 20 January , taking off where the previous series left off and commencing with episode

Lucas suggests Callum rivaled Sophie fro the dance committee for romantic reasons, but when she tells him off as such his denial includes a renewed challenge. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. I don’t have the same sort of feelings for you. Andrew tries to bring Paul and Rebecca closer. Number 24 Michael stops by to see if Lucas’s day got any better than his. She bashes some dough with a rolling pin and tells her big sister that it’s Callum’s face. Lucas faces a huge dilemma, and Sophie’s crush drives a wedge between her and Callum. Emmerdale 26th February Full Episode.

Callum cracks jokes about how that’s not going to happen but looks confused when Sophie happily volunteers. Written by KGF Vissers.

Hey Lucas, I’ve been stewing over the whole Steph coming back to work thing and I’ve decided that it’s not on. Scott McGregor Russell Walsh: Michael doesn’t believe him but Lucas is just looking forward to have someone helping him again. You’re not episoee it you’re wrecking it. Summer ruins Natasha’s quest to have Andrew by her side at the social.

Steph doesn’t think it’s a good idea, and suggests they sell the house instead. He’s chairing the social committee and needs a volunteer from each year level. Natasha’s grossed out until she realises that Ruby’s heading back home. Tash points out how much Andrew hated putting on make up for this little trip; that’s how much they want to be there for her.


Rebecca suspects it’s a ploy to win her back but could she be wrong this time? Lyn fears a furious reaction from She looks uneasy until Lucas offers to drive the car into the garage if she’ll catalogue the spare parts that have come in. Simone Buchanan Constable Lee Davis: Neighbours Episode from – NeighboursEpisodes.

Whilst Lyn takes Andrew and Charlie to do just that, Steph tells Summer about the possible re- mortgage.

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Charlie’s Donna watches a young couple sharing a drink, and she pulls off her cat ears, the festive mood having gone. Sophie walks in and declares that Lucas was right about Callum liking her, and wonders what she should do. He thinks this may be partly his fault.

Kate find’s comfort in a new man. Summer knows she’s being a worry- wart but it’s just because she loves Steph. Not about the stuff at home.

Summer comments that she’s only doing it for Charlie yeah, right. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? 605

Summer tells Neighbouds that the Steph stuff is pretty heavy at the moment, and goes home. Today’s nostalgia photo is of Dorothy, Toby and Tom Merrick from She’s a liability that we just can’t afford. Neighboure do you want? Summer brings up a good point: Sophie denies this accusation. Declan Napier credit only Stefan Dennis Lucas faces a huge dilemma, and Sophie’s crush drives a wedge between her and Callum. Simone Buchanan Detective Mark Brennan: Although Lucas is saddened to hear this he’s also relieved that he didn’t have to fire one of his best mates.

Garage A guy drops off his car and gives the keys to Steph. Steph asks if she could get onto it after her counselling session and Lucas agrees, not realising she’s planning on walking to the hospital. Neighbours Episode from – Eplsode.


At that moment Karl walks home with Audrey, and Charlie calls out. Gabriella Darlington Nurse Rose Walker: Susan starts them up with some candy, and Karl gives them a lecture on sugar and neighbourd.

It’s like a disease. Number 30 Cal tells Sonya that he tried to talk to Soph, but it’s not about being on the committee; he’s trying to save their friendship.

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I’ve got some ideas, I thought Episodr might want neighbourss help. He’s best known for killing zombies, but Norman Reedus is more into sketch comedy than action when he’s off-set. I’m out of here. Yeah, but Summer nominates herself for everything. She thinks their costumes are cool. A nurse calls Steph in for her appointment and Lucas reminds her to walk slow and she’ll be fine.

Donna appears and drags Tash off to try and get more loot. I should have gone to the motel, talked to her, then she wouldn’t have ridden off.

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He creeps down beside Neighbuors and tells her to watch him. Donna’s in her room, I don’t want her upset by this. After a few moments silence Lucas says he hates waiting rooms – unless he’s waiting to have a root canal. Folding her arms she demands to know what Cal wants.

At another table Lucas and Kate neignbours having breakfast and Sophie comes over, still in a mood over Callum. But Summer feels the need to apologise, and then Andrew takes responsibility and apologises.