DateYutaka otaking Offline Joined: Mysterious Cities have been on the relations, but it probably jumped off as it has happened with a lot of titles before, it’s connected with the problems that are flooding all this site. Taking the expired license stuff off. You can hardly get more old school than these French-Japanese Co-productions from the early 80’s. I agree with what you said regarding the Japanese-French production, my avatar is a live proof of that. Had to re-evaluate my Takarajima rating and changed it to a 9. I enjoyed Leda, but I think Windaria was a lot better! It was quite entertaining to watch.

I felt almost sorry when they were being destroyed. P My own list is full of awesome shows that waits for subs. And other thing which I must immediately mention that Treasure Island story isn’t any familiar to me I enjoyed the humour of this short OVA and the funny facial expressions of the main character during his “hardships”. Glad you liked Dougram Anakin! It seemed also that the main ninja characters were more “shiny and beautified” in the movie compared to the OVAs I even had to rewatch some parts of the movie in order to compare lol. So that explains the extreme contrast between the filler and the final episodes. But we know the deal.

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Last Old School Anime you’ve completed. Words can’t describe Norio Wakamoto!

You have to see this one! Music was really great, especially OST.

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The only thing that really could have been better, were the villains. Showed Otaku no Video at the anime society marathon, it was both hilarious in its accuracy and references Otaku No Video does a awesome work portraying eighties otakus and the anime fandom evolution in that period.

It was rather funny seeing the characters cosplaying. Thank you Anakin, I didn’t have it in my PTW list but now it’s already downloaded and waiting for its moment. It’s indeed a good catchy mecha opening theme, like for example was the great original Gundam after it. So if you are not afraid of the language challenges it may help if you know some Japanese and you’re searching for something to watch which is both deep and entertaining – then this is your kind of anime.


It’s a wonderful OVA and I felt that some of the experimental handdrawn still pictures had more motion in them than many modern computer drawn flashy anime.

Last Old School Anime you’ve completed.

The damn opening song is glued to my brain ever since. Beatiful to watch and totally predictable. But Disney was able to show tragedies in a lot of their works. Taking the expired license stuff off. That may alienate a bunch of the new generation of watchers who don’t exactly share our taste for vintage.

P I wonder if another ep of Maicching Machiko Sensei will ever be subbed. It was quite entertaining to watch. It’s really not even all that depressing as I thought it would have turned out. Glad you liked Dougram Anakin! You can find the OSt in our forums, that is if you have it yet. If you think about Disney’s filmography in a whole [technical aspects put aside, of course] they’re just mere revamps of pre-existing works.

Must see for the fans of these kind of stories.

This was a first of a different kind of series that I normally watch. It’s like it consists of all the best parts of space opera: I completed watching Genmu Senki LedaEarthianand Otaku no Video with my feelings towards Ledafor a one shot fantasy story about a girl tansported into another world, it was alright, I don’t consider it fantastic, but I did enjoy it for being a decent old school anime title and the lead character, Yohko Asagiri was a good character, especially when she handled tough situations.

Moviee fight scenes are so well done so it was no problem to watch them one more time. I’m very happy that I decided to pick up this naadia, and I’m looking forward to more anime series like it. I can’t explain it but I just love these old “trashy” horror OVAs. Don’t know if you want to watch the movie, but it’s by a totally different staff and studio and it’s horrible. These words are very acurate. I’ll need to start my very own treasure hunting which isn’t not so valuable like in the Takarajima: Thank you Echelon once again, it’s not so often you get so lucky by watching two great animes in a row.


It seemed also that the main ninja characters were more “shiny and beautified” in the movie compared to the Eater I even had to rewatch some parts of the movie in order to compare lol. Darkside Blues was amazing, pure magic. Everything he did was so cool!

This also will hopefully help make things more clear on what is and isn’t allowed. When I find one that looks promising, it brings 10 more OVAs with it and so on. Not in a timeless kind of way, more in nostalgia. I wish we had more Masamune based material from that period. I think that a few characters moviee Bright and Secref Bow lol!

Good mix of shout outs Star Wars and Zorra themed duelsbad puns, mechs blowing stuff up, a little fanservice, and the power of love combined with technical know-how defeating the villain. Just watched Macross Plus, dammit the dogfights were so damn pretty, modern CG ones just don’t compare. The main hero, Jubei, has to fight the hordes of different minor demons, zombie monsters and the main demon-boss.


Echelon Jan 22, 5: The mixture of different genres is quite often doomed to fail but not in this case. As one may notice almost all of this stuff includes magic or demons.

There was two nadis games: Old School Anime Club. Leave it organized by company then alpha per company.

Too bad that section is gone. It’s unfair and random to make this judgment, but last time I watched another Future Boy Conan episode I couldn’t help but notice it kind of felt like Takarajima to me, but Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Is it catchier than Zambot? It also felt like it was at least people subbing different parts – the names of people and places changed all the time, so you had to really strain your ears and memorize the pronunciation of the names for the future changes lol.