This drama is really captured my heart. It also seems to me that this show is not bearing up the weight of analysis that’s being heaped on it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But does that mean “they” love each other? Hyun-Sung works as a seal trainer at the amusement park but he wants to become a veterinarian. Jang Nara acts naturally in her character. Bae had starred in the classic Winter Sonata the same year, and I suppose his incredible popularity that year made other drama producers try to find actors who looked like him!

Kim Rae Won 2. I also thought he was super cute in it and if it were me, I totally would have chosen him. Song Yi walks toward KRW. Episode 6 by Helcat. Kim Rae Won was total heartthrob here, I just loved him all cocky and nonchalant on the surface, swoon! Otherwise I wouldn’t get such a kick out of Mi-nyeo and Tae-kyung’s romance or Jung-in and Hyun-soo’s courtship. The folktale is among the most well-known among Koreans, and all Korean children are indoctrinated with strong propaganda that Kongzzi is the good and beautiful girl, and Patzzi is ugly, rotten and bad.

When the three reunite as adults later on, SY is still smitten, but seeing how HW makes a beeline for him, she dejectedly sighs to herself about how handsome he still is. Honesty in perspective and sincerity of the heart are two of the most attractive qualities that a person can have, in my opinion, and the same thing goes for dramas as well.

If she likes you, she will tell you, wearing a cute sea lion hat and holding a rose in her mouth. When does ‘Redundant’ comes in to play? Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: But in the end, I think these same strengths can create brain aneurysms filters sometimes that block certain dramas from touching them, and consequently, others that follow them are apt to fall into the same trap.

Samsooki, while I admire your perseverance, you can’t just declare that the hug is The End when there’s a whole other “One Year Later” bit that follows. The network will show reruns.

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She only jumps on KRW and they are all friends. Me, I’m not falling for it.


It was even my 2nd purchased kdrama DVD box set, so it holds a special place in my heart. My 2 cents, that’s all. The two girls have been at odds since childhood, with Hee Won the usual winner – especially where guys are concerned. First off, why would that even happen?

My Love Patzzi

I remember watching the last scene many times as well, trying very hard to read through the lines. Did you find this review helpful? The pattzzi means hardly anything, have to pay attention to the drama as a whole and its dialogue – the dialogue was as blatant as it gets, as per the recap.

The ending of this drama isn’t exactly a let down but the final get together is certainly a little quick for my liking and also definitely doesn’t enough kissing lovs satisfy me.

Comics In Japanese In Chinese. Just her typical facial contortions alone would have turned off a normal man like him in real life! Am I being too optimistic? I like the idea of subverting a romance and looking at different kinds of love. Later, during a class exercise, when the teacher asks the children to choose a boy to sit with for the new seating arrangement, Song-yee immediately grabs Hyun-sung’s hand.

Thank God it was only ten episodes!

See, in Korean culture, young people tend to be forced into square holes, with a lot of pressure put on them from an early age as to how they should talk, walk, eat, greet, what they should wear, and who and when they should marry.

But don’t take that to mean that I would ever join Clan MacSamsooki in an epic battle against the almighty Javabeans and Dahee. Drama pwtzzi ratings for the week of Feb. Loyal readers who browse and shop at these high-end, trendy k-drama blog-shops might fall into the habit of only seeing what there is to see at those shops. Also Kim Jae Won’s character held no appeal for me. I just think mh if they really wanted the Patzzi to make a definitive choice, and she, being the spunky, honest, tells-what’s-on-her-heart gal then there would be no doubt.

Hee-won, seeing that she needs new employment, helps Song-yee to get a job at the amusement park where she works.


On the surface, My Love Patzzi is likely to be as weak as javabeans and dahee fanel would probably describe it — the writing is not particularly strong, the Kim X Wons are rather bland in their acting, and Jang Nara can appear to be more annoying than cute. Download the latest version here. Episodes by odilettante. What a top guy! Puts kilt back on and decides to come out from beneath Stirling Bridge The two boys are waiting for Song-yee after she gets changed into her regular clothes, and Hyun-sung and Song-yee get into a verbal fight.

My Love Patzzi is a twist of a fairytale that shows how appearances are not always true.

My Love Patzzi Review (SPOILERS)

My Love Patzzi creates modern versions of these sisters – but with an entertaining switch! If we didn’t love them, who would? Sure she was ultra petty, but still a sweet and fun character to root for. Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Here she is, in the past, making that wish, and then tossing the coin. Nothing concrete is ever given to us. I remember finding Sweet Dream on my brother’s mp3 collection; I liked it so much I used the melody as my ringtone old phones had the ringtone composer then.

I loved this drama too, Jang Nara played the Patzzi role so well, she was cute as a button and a ball of hot energy. You will receive a link to create a new password via email.

You three are bonkers. When you look at me, does your heart race and do you get all nervous and stuff? Taking the Cinderella story and twisting it? Gosh, it’s like going through time machine all over again. If only it ends at episofe fountain scene. I love that this old drama has created so much passion.

Or will Patzzi finally get her guy? Episode 5 by TeriYaki.