Cocoy is always on top of everything and everyone especially when it comes to love and his favorite sport, swimming. When he slept one night without eating, Tonton was brought to a world where he meets kids who also take food for granted. Miko borrowed a book but he lost his library card so he used Gwen’s instead. Ken, a fat and heavily birthmarked man got more than he wished for because the same man who gave him handsome face cursed him that he will turn into a mannequin at day. A story that values love of the family, Minnie, Edison, and Benson’s story will teach everyone the importance of hard work and the dangerous effects of abusing one’s power. An Easter Sunday special that tells a story about Ester, a girl who magically turns herself into a human rabbit.

The twins kept fighting until Leny fell down from a wagon and Lena was guilty that she killed her own sister so she pretended to be Leny instead. With the powers of the fairies, Jessie wishes Irene to become a witch to stop her from hurting boys’ feeling and to learn her lesson. At the end, it turns out that it was only a dream all along. McCoy de Leon , Heaven Peralejo. A fairy named Reyna Mutya Orquia breaks the curse. What will Perry have to sacrifice to get the perfect life he wanted?

An episode which will teach the importance of being appreciative. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Because of their parents’ bitter past, conflict starts to arise between the two families, especially when they all found out about the curse that Philip’s mother put on Alice’s parents. A magical tale about love and family. Eric’s life begins to change when he is given a magic remote control that gives him the power to control and manipulate the lives of other people.

An episode that will spread the spirit of the Yuletide season to kids and families. The paintbrushes run out every week. When she had already in the city, she met Bebot again and learns that he is the son of the woman. So a man saves her and brings her mother to the hospital. When Quennie decided to adopt three kids for the kid-friendly image of her business, a pair of magical gloves becomes attached to Queenie’s hands and forces her to give away everything she has.


She wants to impress the boy of her dreams by adopting a cat named Jacqueline. Kara and the man got married. Will she finally learn to value her father’s love now that she will be the one responsible to take care of her family?

Danillo Barrios, Jodi Sta.

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She finally learns her lesson in the end. But Omeng’s mischief creates trouble for his brother; and Omeng finally realizes that he has to take responsibility for his actions. Because of her sleeping problems, Audrey is given a dreamcatcher that can protect her from her boyfje dreams.

Mac, is a girl who is always lazy and spoiled, will be kidnapped by a witch named Mirror Ruka, and she will be trapped inside a mirror. The neighbors in Inday’s house inspects about her appearance and the two genies that help epixode. One mysterious day, she wakes pap with long and shiny hair, which will turn her life around. Jairo later turns up looking like Raven. Despite all the efforts of epiwode mother, Paolo still chooses to play video games and ignore everything his Mom gives him.

Boyong’s powers as a tikbalang are strength and speed. One day, he cuts a tree in their yard so that there would be enough space for the court he wants, that causes all the plants in their garden to panic.

But Kanan and Kaliwa were shot by the man’s gun, and had given up their lives for Cara to live normally. Mayumi Kiray wanted to be beautiful so that she will not be teased by others.

When a boy named Paolo drinks it, he turns up looking hideous. Lisa a girl with messy hair, is living with her grandma.


Claus gets Karina to be the one to deliver the gifts. He opened it and saw a picture made of chalk.

Because of belittling his own mother, Topher’s mommy magically transforms into a ridiculously human robot who treats her responsibilities to her children like a regular job. The friendship will be put to test after they accidentally wasted one wish. As she discovers her super powers, Belle starts to demand attention, not only from her family, but from other people as well.

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After the returning the magical pearl, the ocean returned to being clean and all the fishes were happy and thanking Super K for saving them. After her family lost money, Grace Mika Dela Cruz begins complaining about their new lifestyle. Carl is a young boy who is very close to his father.

Despite their diligence in selling vegetables in their public market, Jing-jing and her mother would always end up penniless because of her lazy stepfather and brothers. Because of his father’s busy schedule, Ian Mark feels that he is not important to him anymore. One time, Tanya’s mother immediately fired their employees without listening to their explanations. The story of sisters Petra and Aya who are working in a pepper farm owned by their cruel aunt.

What will she do once the tablet that created her “app boyfriend” is taken away from her?

She uses it for her personal gain but will soon realize the consequences of her excuses. Because of her parents’ lack of attention to her, Ylia is ready to prove herself and do everything to feel the love of her family. Kenny wants to help his dad, a police officer, in seizing Black Shadow, a well-known cat burglar.