Priyanka looked stunning throughout, Arjun and Ranveer were pretty toned up, Irfan Khan is an impeccable actor, the child artists were extraordinary and Saurabh Shukla did his part really well. Two lads of our country become thief and vicious criminal going to your land in their film. That’s why all Bangladeshis rating it as 1. This movie changed the main history of the liberation war of Bangladesh in against Pakistan. It also has action, romance, comedy and history providing something for everybody making it a must watch and a strong candidate for film of the year. Their energy, their chemistry and their good looks are paisa vasool. But half an hour into the movie and it all went for a toss due to a very very weak script.

Most of the movie is shot at Old Kolkata and still gives you a fresh feel. But it was a fight mainly between Bangladesh and Pakistan. Climax is very lengthy just to show off blasts, fights and chase. If your information happens to be correct,what were our freedom fighters doing then? Still they do not appear to be cloyed with that. There’s a lot to impress the average film viewer. The movie lags in so many aspects not one in particular. Bangladeshi people are making very bad comments only for this issue and giving negative reviews.

But, in my opinion, Irrfan Khan’s performance was the best among all, as natural as it gets. Priyanka was amazing as usual. The film is based on the story of the ever lasting friendship of two cheerful crooks who had become orphans after the secession of Bangladesh from India. Best Bollywood Movies of !! Fate brought them to Calcutta and it’s here that the real story of Gunday starts.

The music by Sohail Sen was pleasing enough.

The difference is where the plot of New York was directly based on that of Angels with Dirty Faces, here it’s used only for the Priyanka Chopra track. But I found everybody did a very good job.

Pakistan army killed 3 million people in Bangladesh. The biggest USP of this movie is these two heroes only. You showed that people of Bangladesh were involved in various maei activities during the liberation war.


Emotional quotient at climax is also not touching. It’s a well made movie which adequately entertains despite certain flaws in the script and the presentation.

You probably are getting great response for your new film Gunday in India. Plzzzzz altaf 14 February You can not but correct the mistake and apologize to us. Priyanka Chopra is a good actress and she has tried her level best to do well here too.

There existed scenes featuring him which were bolstered by some display of a bit of overacting. Not far behind is Priyanka Chopra. Gunday a story of two friends united by fate and desperation. Firstly, I consider myself to be somewhat educated as I am currently enrolled in a university and I enjoyed watching thought-provoking films such as “Udaan”, “Paan Singh Tomar”, “Talaash” etc India joined with their military forces in 3rd December and the Pakistan Army surrendered on 16th December Ranveer and Arjun have come a long way and has actually delivered great performances.

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After some twists and revelations, the Gunday of this story, i. Same goes for the phenomenally talented Irrfan. Well, he is a good actor who acts with a perfect body-language suiting his role. So just go and watch it Yourself and I know you would love it. I give this movie a 9 out of 10 and I recommend everyone to go and watch it. So any person who knows the facts will be disappointed. I strongly protest this movie mritonogori 19 February Two lads of our country become thief and vicious criminal going to your land in their film.

Finally, the movie belongs to the heroes who are the true and dedicated Gunday whose joint conscience does not allow them to take the straight path. However his role is subdued here. On the whole we cannot take this film as a proper remake of 80’s bollywood nor as a new movie. We appreciate India’s support. No story, poor acting, and falsifying of facts. I just began to watch the movie though I do not watch Hindi movies a lot but in the beginning, the timeline of war between Bangladesh and Pakistan Which was later changed as Indo-Pak war was full of lie and manipulation.


Anyone can search in internet and even in wikipedia for the truth: Film starts at very good and interesting pace. Producer of this movie Aaditya Chopra under the Yash Raj Films banner had used this plot for his seemingly terrorism-based movie New York but he has again used it for the script of Gunday.

Gunday showed one non-fictional event at the beginning of the movie and it was the basis of some events to come in the film but I think that scene should be analyzed within the appropriate context and in no way, shape or form was this movie attempting to be “non-fiction”. Moive plot is about two inseparable friends who became outlaws because of their circumstances. Manoj Mishra Steadicam operator. Gunday hooligans is a movie whose story is set in fill late eighties but it’s absolutely a tribute to the Indian cinema of the seventies which shot Amitabh Bachchan to stardom making him the larger-than-life Angry Young Man.

PC is continuously on the way to destruction with another flop appearance.

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The movie is engaging and realistic and will never let you take your eyes away from the screen for the whole period. Saurav Shukla is fine. On the other hand the Coal mines of Dhanbad takes you to a dark world of Coal Mafia which still exists till this day. I think your script writer was plastered while writing the script.

Gunday as a whole is a well made movie and definitely a blockbuster of It should have been judged by a moral view. Ranveer Singh did what nari does best mkjibur this orthodox style The producer and director should be severely taken to task for manipulating history.