Edited by Naghokez at This page was last edited on 4 February , at Re-read what I said, you obviously still don’t understand. If you want to continue this discussion use the messages since frankly you obviously have nothing relevant to contribute. August 16th – mousesports announces British squad. This is way more complicated than what I just explained, but basically your image shows 1 That he’s controlling the recoil 2 That you don’t know what you’re talking about 3 That trying to make fun of the video for this was stupid from you.

How can you claim that there is no randomness involved when you’ve said multiple times that you can get lucky shots? Don’t be so quick to say I don’t understand what you’re saying when it’s you who doesn’t get it. Might as well compete in defrag for the best time: Every goddamn frag in this has been done a gazillion times. The team began to compete in small tournaments, which gradually lead to their progression in larger ones, as well. As I said, best-case scenario. Great frags, great soundtrack use and just all-round great entertainment. We spent a lot of time to searching the right Music with enough highlights, so we can sync the scenes perfectly with the scenes.

I think it simply comes down to this: One of the reasons why HeatoN is known is that he was among the first players to really control the recoil and use spraying effectively. A raw cut of the first part exists, but the project is still on holduntil I have more free time.

Gamereactor uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best browsing experience on our website. I always loved that song and was really eager to use it in a trailer some day. Your first posts gives luck in recoil control a lot more importance than it actually has in CS, I would say it is extremely limited in pro matches. What about compLexity Armageddon?


If one has “control” over recoil then there should be no luck involved. In any case, I feel these movies should be mentioned: I personally think that several of the movies listed below are NOT good, but they were definetly popular.

Vidéo : Interview de kaLa & Mos

Not Logged In Login Register. Although I doubt this is true, it was the first CS movie to become really popular and include several professional players.

However it’s simply a FACT that there’s a degree of luck involved, how minor it might be. Communitg you keep your fire button pressed, your bullets basically go higher they follow certain patterns.

In my opinion, my astralis movie isn’t any good so it shouldn’t be on the list, but since the name is identical you should specify who made the version: Have You Done it?

Your fav YouTube clip? The Music in our movies is very important to us, because it adds to the atmosphere. Do you have another project with mouz soon? I started working at Turtle Entertainment TV a few months later. Holy shit is it obvious day at stupid camp? A Randomness is outside the player’s control in this case, a random number generated by the game. August 16th – mousesports announces British squad. Astralis later apologized to me for making a second movie with the exact same title, and so did Vazze.


Mousesports release three members from their CS:GO roster

Maybe you should try to ace top teams when they rush eco on you. First, there is a difference between what was best and what’s popular, although I can see you have mentioned it.

Why exactly are you asking for that when I said all the bullets wouldn’t go into the same square pixel? GO “mousesports makes switch to CS: BET Cup 2 vs. However, luck is present communiyt cs in every single firefight.

Player 1 fires his USP and gets a headshot.

Ok, the content it boring, but the creators made the best out of it. Site Text Media Games.

Following kousesports underwhelming performance at the European Minor, Mousesports have come to the conclusion that a change was required. Posthumus – Nara it’s in the credits, stoopid.

ESR – Mousesports – CS movie out

It had already been posted? And to TempesT, Sozou, crzyfst, mrks and xyanide: I did not say the process of telefragging was random. Concering Astralis, I have not seen the movie, but my movie mousespirts also called “Astralis Starlike Gaming” and was made in He got mad config- editing and aftereffects-skillZ and a solid plan, how we could work on the movie together. This is a masterpiece in my opinion. The randomness generated by CS is mouseaports player control.

V4 Future Sports Festival – Budapest