What was your comment? Is the Megalodon Shark Still Alive? On the other hand, great whites have been shown to dive fairly deep, and even prey on creatures like giant squid. But on a separate note if we don’t stop the senseless killing of sharks for a stupid shark fin soup our ecosystem will suffer greatly and we won’t have sharks to explore. Their large jaws could exert a bite force of up to , to , newtons 25, to 40, lbf. Believe the Meg still exist. It seems very unlikely that this creature is still alive, if it is, we would probably find a lot more dead whales with giant shark bite marks on them. But that doesn’t really stop us from speculating again:

Megalodon is over and extinct. Humans have been measured with a bite force of around 1, Newtons N , while great white sharks have been predicted to be able to bite down with a force of 18,N. Why would anybody think this is possible? An expedition searches for the Megalodon a giant prehistoric shark that may still exist of the coast of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Germany took a picture during ww2 of a U-Boat and A shark next to it It was as long as the boat. The idea of this monster still existing is fascinating.

Animal Planet’s pseudo-documentary Mermaids: Again, like our modern Great White.

Megalodon Sharks still lives!! Evidence that MEGALODON is not extinct.

I don’t think he was trying to sound smarter. Although the largest teeth from megalodon are a little over 7 inches, A more common size for megalodon teeth is between 3 and 5 inches. The recently monsterqueet Livyatan whale was as big as Megalodon, with teeth over a foot long. This is an ad network.

That’s one thing that we do not need. Regarded as one of the largest and most powerful predators to have ever lived, fossil remains of megalodon suggest that this giant shark reached a maximum length of 18 meters 59 ft with the average size being The skills needed to make such models quickly might be needed for larger exhibits in connection with the Cleaner Ocean Foundation’s awareness campaigns. Being a diver is amazing fun Even though it was discovered inwe still know very little about this beast.


Season 3 Episode 7. This terrifying monster lived at a time when the ocean was a very different place, and it went extinct long ago.

If Whites supposedly don’t get this big, what could it be? Rest assured Megalodon really did exist. No data is shared with Paypal unless you engage with this feature. A lot of reconstructions have megalodon looking like a bigger version of the great white shark because for a long time people thought they were related.

Monster Quest S01 E05 Bigfoot

Additional inspiration came from the above display on the banks of the River Seine, though not a marine animatronicit is crying out to be one. This article mentions it but its now mostly accepted they were NOT related to great whites. I spotted one in Lake Huron last summer. I loved the article keep going with it. Few individuals within a certain species evolving to learn new techniques isn’t a new phenomenon, best documented example is that of some Killer Whales propelling themselves on to shores to hunt for seals It is quite possible that a some individuals moved into the depths, and have established a large population now.

The megalodon shark was an apex predator, meaning it was at the top of the food chain. The Giant Squid The Giant Squid is a huge creature reaching up to 30 feet in length which dwells in the deepest part of the ocean. The Monster Shark Lives, a controversial docufiction about the creature that presented alleged monsferquest in order to suggest that megalodon was still alive. A T-Rex had a bite force of only one-third that. I believe it is still alive, just monserquest feet long.

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Origins, and megalodo is a film adaptation entitled The Meg monsterqudst on August 10, If you are that big you need to eat a lot of food, monsterqueest large prey is required. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. This is just a theory to think about, and it seems quite possible to me that this legend is far from extinct. There could be a reason why Megalodon bodies haven’t washed up yet – cannibalism, a scavenger at the bottom of the ocean, etc.

Is there enough proof to support the idea that the Megalodon shark is still alive. It is quite possible that population that migrated to the bottom of the ocean hasn’t grown for millions of years, and that is probably why we still can’t find any evidence for their existence.

No its not out there I’m stunned at how many people are suckered in by this.

Megalodon Sightings: Is the Megalodon Shark Still Alive?

If u believe in something so much it will come to life. The strongest biter in our world today is the saltwater crocodile, and they only come in around pounds. Megalodon Shark Sightings Reported Megalodon shark sightings have some people wondering if the most formidable predator the ocean has ever seen might still be alive today, even though science and common sense tell us it’s impossible.

That is enough proof to me that there is a very good chance Megalodon is still alive.