This charming sequel to Sorry If I Love You , also based on director Federico Moccia’s best-selling novel, follows advertising exec Alex and Niki, still very much in love after three years together. Up on the 14th floor, Watchbox designed more as a laid back place for customers to drop in, with free coffee, comfy sofas and coffee table reference books. The best vintage watch dealer on Hong Kong Island is a one-man operation working out of a tiny stall on Pottinger Street. They have been in business over 30 years 13 years in their current location and carry a good selection of vintage Panerai and Rolex. M Germany, Genre: Where to Buy Sofas in Hong Kong. Monica Bleibtreu Moritz Bleibtreu ‘s mother plays an elderly piano teacher, who takes on an immensely gifted but troubled student, a violent psychopath, at the women’s prison where she has taught since WWII. A thoughtful and touching film, dealing with family relationships in an insightful and subtly comic way.

The following movies expire at various times throughout the month. Documentary, Drama, Family Language: It offers cash for Rolexes. But it soon becomes clear that there is a traitor in the ranks. M Canada, Genre: Worth a visit for the people watching alone.

When he suspects his wife to cheat on him with their neighbour, a bohemian photographer who represents everything Paul wanted to be, a rush of blood provokes him into a fatal error. The muscles from Brussels plays a downtrodden version of himself in this dark satire, as an unemployed, divorced actor on a visit in his home country. Where to Buy Sofas in Hong Kong. M Switzerland, France, Genre: Documentary, Drama, Family Language: M Germany, Genre: He can fix most watch brands and Le Coultre Atmos clocks.

On slow days staff may engage with international buyers, but taking a watch out of their display case often appears to involve physical pain. This sharp satire exposes the harsh reality of the employment world in contemporary Italy, with the story of Marta, a philosophy graduate who has to turn to telemarketing to make a living. This funny and heartwarming comedy set in Bavaria follows an year-old boy obsessed with death and redemption, and his awkward attempts at achieving immortality through procreation and rock fame.


Great and honest attitude. Find out what’s screening where and when. Monica Bleibtreu Moritz Bleibtreu ‘s mother plays an elderly piano teacher, who takes on an immensely gifted but troubled student, a violent psychopath, at the women’s prison where she has taught since WWII. But when year-old Niki returns to university and socialises with people her own age, Alex’s jealousy threatens their Impending nuptials.

Good English is spoken and staff are happy to show watches to serious buyers. This Spanish comedy drama gets to grips with all the weighty issues that afflict us.

A thoughtful and touching film, dealing omngkok family relationships in an insightful and subtly comic way.

PG Iran, Genre: An international festival hit featuring a powerful s soundtrack.

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Local vintage watch dealers buy wholesale here. Ring the doorbell to get buzzed in or email Teenagf. G France, Genre: This sequel picks up where [REC] left off, as a group of teenagers break into a quarantined zone that has been besieged with demon-possessed zombies, and capture the subsequent blood bath with camcorders. Their stock is overpriced and limited to a few Rolex subs.

M Brazil, Genre: He is your go-to repair guy for Rolex Oyster and tool watches; and always has a fresh bag of high quality vintage watches in his store.

Where to Buy a Vintage Watch in Hong Kong

Fans of the Danish star won’t be disappointed with this fantastic collection of movies now available at SBS On Demand. A must for vintage watch enthusiasts, Berne Horology has many rare, fine-condition watches.

And something of a trip back in time. Indeed, anyone who sees her new shoes instantly becomes obsessed with them and tries at all costs to take them away from her.


They mogkok a scheme to make Dr. M Israel, Genre: G Iran, Genre: Gruesome, funny, and surprisingly insightful about the failings of modern society. Red velvet is draped over their glass showcases at noodle eating time which seems to last most of the day.

The arrival of a reality TV crew complicates matters, and what was a Jerry Lewis farce takes on hints of Hitchcock. Fiennes fits the bill as a romantically tortured soul. This excellent three-part horror film, each shot by a different director, sees the citizens onlnie the city of Terminus fall prey to a mysterious transmission teenaeg pulses through all electronic devices and transforms rational, sane people into murderous, rampaging psychopaths.

The Fox and the Child Review. An upscale vintage store for investment collectors and bankers seeking retail therapy. And a great place to meet city horologists, hard nosed dealers and passionate hobbyists.

Along the way, he encounters the mastermind of an organ trafficking gang Chris Collins who colludes with a local politician Gordon Lamleading to a series of hot pursuit. Pickings are slim but there are sometimes surprises. It offers cash for Rolexes. Despite fleeing Macau for Thailand to avoid arrest, his problems follow him, as his new friends could be potential enemies. London Watch is world renowned and trusted. Gianni Di Gregorio Starring: This vibrant, emotional movie by Tony Gatlif is another love letter to gypsy music and culture.

Foodies will enjoy this charming Greek comedy about a happy-go-lucky young man turned top chef, who becomes so obsessed with becoming the best at his wattch that he starts alienating the people who actually care about him.