Alondra plays “good mother” to Javier. On the other hand, Alondra tries to talk to Remedios and find out herself how they found Javier. She is disappointed however when Alondra reveals Javier will be living with them and not with her and Krista. She pleads to him to come with her but Alondra cuts in their conversation. Lists of Philippine drama television series episodes Lists of soap opera episodes. Elena and Krista are shunned by the other rebels and Tiago tells Krista to cut her allegiance with the old woman.

The other rebels find it weird that he’s being nice to the military. Javier hopes Xander is ok and would understand what happened between them. Alexander proposes marriage to Krista but she rejects him even though she wanted to say yes. Joaquin promises Alondra he will never leave her despite Lora being alive. He denies this however and warns Inigo about Tomas looking for him. Jaime is ready to transfer his family to another house for their protection after their encounter with the rebels.

Alondra finally meets Javier together with Alexander.

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Krista sees them fighting from afar and only recognizes Alexander and shoots the other man. However they hear gunshots so Jaime goes back. When he removes his nemesis’ mask, he is shocked to see his episore face staring at him. He beats up Iibigln but they both run when the police sees them. The other rebels are mad at Elena and Krista as they alng separated from the rest. The sweet relationship of the twin brothers to their loved ones grows much deeper. As he enjoys his newfound freedom, Javier learns that his twin is to be placed under court marshal for communicating with them.

Marcelo is devastated and is intent on putting Tomas in jail. Berto confesses that Gabrielle revealed to him that she still loves Xander and only sees Javier as a friend. Alondra tells him to take back his invitation to Krista for Jaime might embarrass her at the party.

Marcelo to help her look for Lora. He tells him to stay put for three days and let his wounds heal. On the other hand, Krista and the other rebels plan to kidnap Alondra at her store opening to get back at Jaime and bargain for the release of Ka Augusr and Ka Tiago. Alondra tells Alexander that she should know if he had a twin because she’s the one who gave birth to him. Alondra epidode Mimi to pretend not to know the secret in front of Javier and takes her along on their little field trip to the hide out.


Alondra pretends to be the victim in their argument and tells her husband that she is scared with what Lora can do to her. He is also proven not guilty of the accusations of possession of drugs and illegal libigin thus meaning that he will not got to jail.

Tiago is still wary of Xander and was very sarcastic towards him when oita asked for her hand in marriage.

The rebels are informed that the case against Ka Diego and Ka Tiago are being fast-tracked at the courts so they can be convicted soon. Krista on the other hand, reports that her brother and their former comrades have submitted their applications for amnesty.

Everyone blames him for it especially his mother Alondra. However, Jaime overhears them talking and they come up with a plan to entrap Inigo and his gang. Alondra mistakenly accuses him of cheating and because of this Joaquin asks for space.

Krista says what he is saying is true for she was also there when they heard her brother talking to Ka Diego and Ibon. Lora’s return brings around not just answers but more secrets.

Sebastiano asks his driver to turn around.

Alexander gets to the bottom of Javier’s pretension. Lora says she is willing to do anything just so Alondra allows Javier to go with her. Tomas could not explain to Lora where her child is and she goes to her father to tell him what happened. Javier, who is Alexander, is going to eoisode Krista.

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Marcelo kicks him out when he tries to force his granddaughter to come with him to party. Jaime, Joaquin and Alexander arrive at their room and demand an explanation why they have Javier.


Alexander finally catches Javier alone with no way out. Jaime would not even speak to her. While moving into their new home, Bernabe iita approached by his cousin Mimi. Javier promises her that he would protect her no matter what, and to do this they need armoury.

However, Lora was freed from her charges and Tomas does not know where to locate iibugin. Remedios continues to worry about Lora after having a dream about her. Javier and Alexander both needed blood transfusions. Xander shows Javier their house knowing that only his nanny is there. Xander was however sharp to see them and runs after them. The rebels learn that Xander could be imprisoned after being charged of fraternizing with the enemy.

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His mother comes in augush for his graduation and 61 him in front of his friends by ignoring him. Mimi and Alondra soon realize Tomas and Bernabe is one and the same person. The incident that got rid of her half sister – Lora. Javier runs away from Alexander frightened that he’d go to prison. Lora is wary about this especially when it comes to Ka Diego and feels the other rebels are out to harm them. Alondra, confused asks her why she is helping her and reveals that, despite dpisode her wrongdoings, she is still family.

He even asks her out to dinner. Elena tries to talk him out of his plans but it seems Javier feels he might be a hindrance to the cause and it would be better if he left the group.