Frankie then reluctantly agrees to train Maggie but states that he will not manage her. Season 7 Black Lightning: Index Newest Popular Best. Million Dollar Baby was based on stories in Rope Burns: The screenplay was written by Paul Haggis, based on short stories by F. An artist of enormous proportions so well camouflaged behind a shy smile and a charming, clumsy attitude. So I finally get to decide somethin’. There are are plenty of great movies about this stuff.

Girlie, tough ain’t enough. Boxin’ is about respect. This scene is supposed to be in a small town in Missouri, where palm trees do not grow. Top Rated Movies Won 4 Oscars. Irish for “my darling, and my blood” literally, “my pulse”. Currently voted the best answer. Ask Sylvia Plath about that. Before Frankie can pull the corner stool out of the way which was inappropriately placed on its side by Frankie’s assistant , Maggie lands hard on it, breaking her neck and leaving her a ventilator-dependent quadriplegic.

Producers Guild of America Award. After a shaky start, Maggie begins to dominate the fight, but after a round has ended, Billie hits her from behind, sending her falling toward the upside-down corner stool that was just placed in the ring. I think I did all right. Great article, really came to get me, and I mostly agree mlvie you.

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Every moment has about five layers. Beyond his silence, there is a past. When Maggie buys her mother a house with some of her winnings, she berates Maggie for risking her and Maggie’s sister’s welfare and Medicaid benefits, saying that Maggie should have just given her the cash so that the government would not be aware that she had assets.

Consequently, to prepare for her role, Swank underwent extensive training in the ring and weight room gaining 19 pounds of muscle, aided by professional trainer Grant L Roberts. After losing a leg to gangrene, Maggie asks Frankie to mlllion her, as living in this condition is intolerable to her, but he will not. They actually arrived in Los Angeles a week prior but went to Disneyland and Universal Studios with money Maggie lent them before finally making a visit to bzby hospital.


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Toole, Paul Haggis Film Description: Crazy Credits The Warner Brothers logo is the classic shield version, shown in a color palette mainly black and white, with a cuisule green tint matching the “feel” of the movie, and is static instead of the modern 3D animated sequence. The largest box office loss in history was a million dollar film by a husband and wife team Eastwood had his daughter Morgan Colette appear in a brief role as a girl who waves to Swank’s character at a gas station.

Before her first fight, Frankie leaves Maggie with a random manager in his gym, much to her dismay; upon being told by Scrap that said manager deliberately put her up against his best girl coaching the novice to lose to give her an easy win, Frankie rejoins Maggie in the middle of the bout and collar her instead to an unforeseen victory. Top Rated Movies Won 4 Oscars.

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The film was stuck in development hell for years before it was shot. At the outset he flatly refuses saying he has no interest in training a girl. Frankie, who studies Gaelic, tells Maggie dollr he does not know what the phrase means. The New York Times. Help us improve this article! Maggie asks Dunn to be relieved of her suffering and help her die. You don’t have to hang around all day. She was like a feather.

Million Dollar Baby

Great article here on Eastwood by Buschel. Who was the Oscar winning actress involved? Mickey Mack David Powledge My hat to Clint Eastwood.


Or at least it looks like Frankie. But the movie just starts to work on you. Scrap tells Maggie that Frankie is overprotective of his boxers and arranges for Maggie to meet Mickey Mack, but Maggie remains loyal to Frankie. Don’t you say that! Or people who are willing to sollar hurt to reach for a goal, take that chance.

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Thank you for your feedback. After Maggie bites through her tongue in an effort to bleed to death, however, he changes his mind. Margaret Fitzgerald, a waitress and aspiring boxer, leaves her Missouri town in the Ozarks for Los Angeles, where she trains in the Hit Pit, a gym run by Frankie Dunn, a brilliant but down-and-out boxing trainer who has been cast aside by his colleagues and relatives, including his estranged daughter Katy.

Counterman at Diner Joe D’Angerio In fact, if you weren’t here, I’d come here anyway to read my books.

Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval. Maggie is devastated, and she and Frankie leave. Earline Fitzgerald Riki Lindhome If we can get a little bit more bulk on her, ml make her look like a fighter’ Use the HTML below. The movie caused a great deal of controversy.

Didn’t I give dolla some money for some new ones. Danger Barch Mike Colter Happy Death Day 2U. A place where maybe you can work up the audacity to risk your life again.