Also, reply 14’s comments about feeling intellectually insulted by shirtless arthur? Definitely an old married couple Contrary to that stated above, SUPERB plot development in that there is someone of great magic to protect Merlin and summon the magical when the need arises. Really enjoyed last night’s episode. Dear god, please let me have Bradley. He is a sports jock whose only interest is football and who revels in his own ignorance like Sarah Palin and George Bush by bragging that he doesn’t read books. It was that person who was attacking Bradley for being a redneck. Ultimately, isn’t this entire epic based on what happened to these two women and the ramifications?

Details and opinions, please. But a funny note from tonight’s episode – did anyone else enjoy the awkward subtext of Gwen questioning Merlin about why the Lamia affected every single man except for him? Actually r92 I think a lot of the appeal for the slashers and also the general viewer is that the two leads in this case genuinely seem to have a chemistry. I would gladly have any one of them as a boyfriend for the rest of my life. Also, was surprised that they spent so much time on Arthur’s surprised reaction after the fight – is that a preview for him finally realizing that someone’s been helping him magically all this time? With Morgana on the head of a vast Southron army, a lethal internet is closing in close to Camelot. Lancelot returning for one pivotal episode was more MOW than expected but I did kinda tear up at the reawakening at the end and the thank you as THIS Lancelot was the real deal who knew what Merlin was doing for him:

I was asking about why there is this bitchfest going back and forth between the pro-Bradley troll and the anti-Bradley troll, because they are both drama queens who are over the top. Such a fun episode tonight – really enjoyed it. I thought Anthony Head had a five-year contract and would stay with the show through the end jerlin I meriln he could always reappear, or show up as a ghost or in flashbacks or somethingbut I saw on his recent appearance on Craig Ferguson that his main show noawadays seems to be “Free Agents” though it just got cancelled in the US?

One onkine my favs was when Colin and Bradley had to challenge each other to decide which ‘fruit’ they were! Giger creature – I merllin the show has gotten better at introducing darker horror elements, in line with its later timeslot. Now go away, you joyless, conservative, gun-loving harridan. They DO have to rely on these shirtless scenes in order to get ratings?


You’re actually kinda smart Haven’t seem in anything but he seems pretty established. Who are the people on this mwrlin that take this show so seriously?

So the writers and I guess the actors now have gone the “wink and nod” route – in public, they say nothing’s going on and the show’s open to many interpretations, etc. Loved Alithor of the Caitha. With Morgana, there was s04s01 moment in the episode where I thought they might try to return her to being 3-dimensional and having a conscience – but nope, she’s still in cartoon villain mode. Thanks for posting, Michelle Ryan at r Cliffhanger ending was a nice moment for what it represented about Merlin’s relationship with Arthur, rather than for being suspenseful the previews for the next episode already show it’s resolved early.

And they’re still a04e01 with the Lancelot love triangle angle, and only had her hugging Arthur – interested to see how they play that out.

I don’t know whether Bradley James is liberal or conservative, but it’s pretty obvious that he is a dumb jock one way or another so I don’t know why we watchh a pro-BJ troll defending him. Think of all the sexytime you would’ve had with Arthur in the bath. Moffat wants DW back where it belongs according to him during the dark cold winter months so in Merlin’s slot.

I have to admit Eoin Macken sitting there with his fly open was pretty darn hot!

Merlin (UK)

Which is great imo! Gwen looks a bit better with longer hair, but wow they really flaunted her boobs. Overall, looking forward to the season – hopefully there’ll be stronger writing and less dud episodes than there were in Series 3.

Did anyone in the UK watch this? So perhaps you should not trash them or pick a fight with them.

It was merlni to see them act like and old married couple in the beginning, though. It seems like the show just wasn’t willing to “go there” – to have sympathetic and likeable characters be truly torn betweeen duty and passion, to be unfaithful yet still “good”.


I am looking forward to next week’s to see how they play out the love triangle – and is the black shirt supposed to signify “evil” Lancelot? Watch Merlin Series 5 Episode 7: Did you see how Arthur pressed his face against Merlin’s neck when they hugged. But no complaints from me.

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Some viewers have complained to the BBC about it though, so perhaps next onnline they will cut these stupid scenes out and get back to some good writing. OK, a little clarification here: Link back to the series 3 thread.

I’m going to have a hard time waiting for that. But as I’ve been brainwashed by mmerlin fangirls who make cute slashy YouTube videos of Arthur and Merlin, I keep wishing those two guys would end up together. This may be the key to his return.

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With Morgana on the head of a vast Southron army, a lethal internet is closing in close to Camelot. In any case, Series 5 has already been ordered so I’m not worried that dips in ratings will lead to premature cancellation or anything.

Merlin 3×4, Merlin Episode 4 online zshare, Merlin episode 4 season 3 online, Merlin Gwaine, Merlin s03e04, Merlin season 3 episode 4, stream Merlin episode 4 season 3, watch Merlin episode 4 season 3 to tags: The scene between Arthur and Uther was great – seems like they’re doing a bit to rehabilitate Arthur this season and make him more noble, since he was kind of an ass last time around. A la recherche du temps perdu! There were a few elements of LoTR-style I spotted in the dialogue and gathered ranks of battle scenes, or Morgana slinking away at the end of the fight like Grima Wormtongue.

You expect this sort of antic on a daytime soap opera, but I was hoping that a show like “Merlin” would be above it.

I enjoyed this season more tha last year, but so much of the show seems like a wasted opportunity sometimes. Try to whitelist our email address noreply sharetv. I also loved the slash baiting a phrase r66 aptly used.