Helen gets jealous of a pretty girl Jan Shutan staying with the Taylors for awhile. Aunt Bee falls for Mr. He displays his guitar playing and nice singing voice at the end which has another funny surprise but I don’t want to reveal it here. Aunt Bee invents a story that the butter and egg man Woodrow Chambliss is her new boyfriend Barney sets out to prove that the Mayberry bank can be easily robbed because of lax security measures. Aunt Bee listens to a medicine man’s John Dehner sales pitch and ends up inviting him to supper. Opie tries to pick a subject for his writing assignment and eventually picks someone other than Andy.

Rafe proves him wrong when his performance at the show receives a positive reception. Opie develops a crush on Helen and wants to buy a gift for her. Last appearance of Peggy. Opie is put in charge of a candle and matches in a secret club, and soon after is accused of burning down the barn where the club met. His antics badly disrupt Helen’s classroom. Audible Download Audio Books. They had macaroni and potato salad, for starters. You will truly be missed, Mr.

They are shocked, however, when Mr. Otis, the town drunk, has Andy and Barney worried when he buys a car. Frisby Charles Mayberrj the evictee they are sympathetic for, is found to be a moonshiner.

He temporarily moves into their house, while Andy has to finish most of the chores that Wheeler starts. Andy rewards Opie with a new bicycle maybegry his perfect grades, which then turn out to be a grading mistake. Barney decides to sell real estate as his second job and tries to get Andy to sell his house. Opie and his friend Arnold find an abandoned baby and try to find him a home.

Barney Fife returns to Mayberry for a high school reunion and so does Thelma Lou, who has recently married someone else. Andy and Opie have Peggy take care of them while Aunt Bee is away.


Howard is the envy of Mayberry when he catches “Old Sam”, a famously elusive silver ajdy in Myers Lake on his very first fishing trip. Barney starts wearing his uniform all the time, after a grocery employee, Fred George Kennedy threatens to beat him up the next time he sees him in plain clothes.

Mayberry RFD – S01E01 – Andy and Helen Get Married

Opie’s description of his new friend Mr. Andy and Ellie stage a fake robbery at the pharmacy to boost Barney’s self-confidence.

Andy learns the sad truth about Aunt Bee’s supposedly wealthy cousin Jack Albertsonwho spins many tall tales during his visit to Mayberry. Opie and his friend Tommy Michel Petit use walkie-talkies to fool Goober into thinking he really has a talking dog.

Aunt Bee invents a story that seaxon butter and egg man Woodrow Chambliss is her new boyfriend This gives guest star Don Knotts—in his only appearance on Mayberry R. Goober tries a computer dating service to find the right girl, and is matched with the Ph.

Barney buys fortune-telling paraphernalia that seem to anr grant wishes, and Opie wants to see if his wishes will be granted. First episode in which Juanita Beasley, a waitress Barney sometimes dates, is mentioned.

A pack of stray dogs comes into the courthouse, causing problems just as a state official is visiting. The salesman is puzzled when townspeople individually come to his hotel room to perform for him. This episode was voted by fans as their favorite of the entire series. Andy makes Otis a temporary deputy so he can impress his visiting brother Ralph Stanley Adams and his wife Amzie Stricklandwhom he told he really was a deputy. Opie makes friends with a boy from a rich family at summer camp, leading Aunt Bee to try improving the Taylors’ social standing.


Malcolm Merriweather replaces Ernest T.

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As a matter of fact, no… SAM: Andy hires a shy, timid carnival banjo player Jerry Van Dyke as a temporary deputy.

Aunt Bee is picked to star in a TV commercial for a locally made furniture polish. Andy makes Barney acting Sheriff when he goes to Raleigh for a job interview. The scene then cuts to a shot of Andy and Helen, with the groom serenading his lady rtd on guitar.

Barney Fife Aneta Corsaut A spoiled rich teenager Bill Bixby is arrested for speeding and sideswiping a farmer’s truck, and Andy helps him learn to take responsibility for his behavior. Barney tries to set up Andy with a potential wife, having a crowd of puzzled, single women come to Andy’s home one evening, but Andy has his mind on Helen Crump.

The mayor is reluctant to finance their trip.

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Andy suspects that the handsome new doctor George Nader is trying to steal Ellie away from him. Helen becomes a successful author of children’s books, bet Andy has a difficult time with her new-found celebrity. Andy takes a vacation at home, leaving Barney and Gomer in charge of the courthouse. Barney thinks he’s received bad luck after tearing up a chain episodd. Only episode with both Ernest T. The friend and his large family move into Sam’s house.