The only complaint I have on the sculpt is going to be one of those whiny, hindsight, collector issues about different figures coming with the same BAF pieces. All of the weapons are nicely painted. The pieces we do have look great. You are commenting using your Twitter account. The Marvel Legends line has not been a big hit at retail in the last two years. Each comes with an alternate head.

And the packaging doesn’t even give his actual name so they could look up the information if they wanted to. I had one, decided to take him back, then someone bought him, but I snagged the next one and a third one has been sitting for over a month. Captain America also has a spare set of hands and his shield of course. Since you can take it off and display the figure without it. Winter Soldier also has a repainted version of the long rifle that came with the Hydra Soldier from the Mandroid Series. The blades right arm does not fit, bummer.

Toy Review: Marvel Legends | Mandroid

But the portion of the mask that extends to the torso has nothing to differentiate it from the rest of the costume such as texturing or a seam. The Winter Soldier toys forever?

This version of the shield goes back to using two straps to hold it on the figure’s arm. Though Toys R Us has since taken them down once they no longer had them in stock. They wouldn’t be that big of majdroid deal normally, but the silver color stands out more than usual.


The mrvel low point is Toxin. And Red Skull has two holsters for guns, but one of the pistols that he comes with has an odd attachment under the barrel that keeps it from fitting in either holster. The boots, gloves belt and head are great.

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swries Not that she really kandroid anything. Please share in the comments or link to your review. He can strike a few nice action poses, but they are usually to one side of the other.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The body and head are all new. From what I have seen, the Mandroid cases still include most, if not all of the figures from that series though. They even gave Baron Zemo’s pistol handles a leopard print design.

Since you can take it off and display the figure without it. Black Widow is a bit different from her appearance in the Avengers. But for this series, it works well. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. And the head is difficult to turn simply because there is very little to hold onto while turning it. This figure is really cool. Soldier figures don’t have the rotating joints in their shins. Boomerang comes with four boomerangs and a pair of boomerang shaped fins that attach to his back and serve as a storage rack for his boomerangs. In the end he looks more like a mediocre custom figure than a mass market production figure. I had one, mandorid to take him back, then someone bought him, but I snagged the next one and a third one marfel been sitting for over a month.


Stores in my area have been sitting on the same inventory of Terrax and Arnim Zola series figures for over a year. Toxin is the complete opposite. I found your blog the employment of yahoo. And you can not even use the Build A Figure to justify buying him as you can get the same part from Carnage instead and you will get a better executed figure.

The one issue I have is that in the end I’ll wind up with an extra set of arms.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Infinite Mandroid and Green Goblin series review (Part Two)

Looking at the whole series lined up here is very cool, and almost makes me want to order all of them! I like the packaging from this line, so this guy gets a 4 star rating. For now, we have both arms and the head.

They do not attach to his forearms as easily or securely as other shield designs.