As always, please feel free to leave comments and feedback! This is an interestingly annoying turn of events, considering Dawood was the one who told Nayyab Urwa Hocane that he wanted to have a relationship and she had given birth to his son. However, when the two moved back to Pakistan, she began her association with Mazhar again, which intensified after the death of her father. And inflicts more zulm on her. Add to that Sarmad Sehbai’s name as writer and expectations are sky high. Her in-laws inflict zulm on her.

We discover that Sajeela settled for Haider and was mildly happy with him. But I apologize regardless! And then we come to Aahista Aahista , where we see Zawaar turn into an obviously agitated man with not only Soffee, his wife in the US, but horribly so with Hayaa, his wife in Pakistan. Unreliable citations may be challenged or deleted. This page was last edited on 25 February , at The upcoming twist in the tale is that Abdullah remember Momina’s jerk brother? For myself personally, when I see Momina Duraid’s name attached to a show, expectations immediately are formed. Retrieved 3 July

Role of Pakeeza [16]. That’s all for now.

Marasim Episode 14 Full on Aplus – 29 June 2014

This show has done my head in. The two seem fairly happy, especially after Nayyab gives birth to a son.

Adnan’s character will marry Hayaa and bring her to the US, keeping his first wife a secret Is Mariam only at fault? I can’t imagine it’ll run past episode All images and pictures are not my own and are taken from a magic tool called Google. It’s dramma a while since my last post. This is definitely one of those dramas that, episode after episode, leaves me wondering why I actually jkne this show. She does not acknowledge that her children are ill-behaved – to the extent that they openly insult her new husband!

Nayyab’s insecurities could grow. There are some cute scenes between Daniyal and Naina where they discuss their dreams for the future. How majboor and bebas Mariam can become. Posted by Sophia Q at 6: We are presented an entirely new face in the latest episode episode 10where dgama revealed that Mazhar’s still-first-wife Saima has given birth to a baby boy in Pakistan and he’s been using Sajeela for her money, as well as lying about the divorce.


The episode has taken the drama to a good start so far. At home, the family is plotting to get Hayaa married as she fights the notion as she’s not yet ready for marriage.

It looks like Hareem’s character has a rather negative past as we’re moving into the episodes. That aside, she is strikingly pretty. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. But the treatment of this show is what makes it unique – I just want to keep watching.

Geeti Aara’s treatment of Nayyab could worsen due to conditions At 1 point, there’s still little to write about the show, as it’s still in its starting stages. Momina could poison Deeba against Nayyab though Deeba is already a jerk to her.

Not only have the current lot of dramas failed to hold my interest, but I’ve also narasim busy with a lot of personal things. Posted by Sophia Q at 1: Nayyab resists this compromise at first, but later accepts it, realizing it’s in her best interest.

I’m curious as to what part Sabreen Hisbani will be playing, as she’s one of my favorites! For myself personally, dram I see Momina Duraid’s name attached to a show, expectations immediately are formed.

Sasural Ke Rang Anokhay. I’m still trying to forgive Farooq Rind as a director after Rishtey Kuch Adhooray Se, but putting that bias aside, let’s see how Laa makes out after first impressions! She does not accept that she or her children could ever be at fault.

Marasim Episode 14 Full On A Plus – 29 June – video dailymotion

After watching the first episode, this show has the potential to either be really great or really irritating, depending entirely on the direction and performances. So this week, we saw a drastic change in Sajeela’s jund.


As always, please feel free to leave comments and feedback! Sanam Jung is playing a character very similar to Rumaisa Mohabbat Subh Ka Sitara Hai unfortunately, but despite that and fortunately for the audience, “Aiman” has a little more spunk than Rumaisa did. Sadia Khan’s acting leaves a lot to be desired. This dfama my thought during this entire episode. We discover marasom Sajeela settled for Haider and was mildly happy with him.

With Zindagi Tere Bina, it was to such an extent that I literally could not force myself to physically turn it on and didn’t realize that the show had ended a month ago!

I think what makes this all really uncomfortable is simply that Mekaal and Sadia do not look young enough for the marasij they are playing.

Marasim Episode 12 Full Drama On Aplus – “15 June 2014”

She has an insane mother who always takes the side of her brother. Acting-wise, Mekaal is doing an OK job. I assume there’s a leap involved in the storyline that will rectify this situation. There’s also a humorous scene where Naina chases off her “good Syed suitor” by publicly smoking sheesha. But alas, I did finally put both shows to rest last night.

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Initially, I had a hard time understanding how Mazhar and Sajeela’s track fit in to the parallell story. In the upcoming episode, we’re shown a preview of Dawood’s completesaying he’d like to leave Nayyab and would like her to start distancing herself from their son in order to make the separation painless.

I do apologize for the lag in updates crama other dramas. Tuesday, June 17, Two Favorites: Total Episodes drxma [7]. Everyone here is doing a fabulous job. Her bhabi inflicts zulm on her.

Let’s wait and see how this one progresses.