The interpretative studies on Malay proverbs in the Malaysian context for instance are mostly published in Dewan Bahasa. Some cultures stress on the direct, clear and plain rhetoric, others might go for veiled criticism; 3 Finally, people argue or solve their problems according to certain procedure argument as procedure , some choose to deal with their problem through direct confrontation e. It is also rather unfortunate for us to ignore the importance of this language, which had been successfully used in carrying out the task of spreading the message of four religions, viz. Peribahasa terdapat di mana saja, dalam perbualan harian, akhbar, majalah, radio, televisyen, lirik lagu pop, iklan perdagangan, khutbah, ceramah, malahan ucapan atau kenyataan menteri. The Malay linguists, or Malay proverb scholars, so far gave more attention only to the pragmatic problems in teaching the language generally and the learning of proverbs while none I noticed were seriously involved in the development of theoretical-based studies on Malay paremiology. Oleh sebab itu, orang yang dapat meningkatkan diri ke arah mencapai kemuncak tahap keunggulan ini adalah seorang budiman manusia berhikmah. The Malays have their own cosmological and metaphysical interpretations of how and of what element a person had been created.

According to Yankah, when one deals with proverbs only as a concept of a cultural fact or truism, contradictions are easily found in any proverb tradition. He divided his brief analysis into four different periods: At face value, proverbs are seen only to be propositions but in the real context of argumentation, proverbs have always functioned as folk enthymemes66 See Green and Pepicello Second, it enforces my personal insight; that my choice of exploring the Malay mind through peribahasa is indeed not a mistake. Besides my supervisor, there are many other scholars behind the writing of this thesis worthy of my mention. Ahadith sic , on the contrary, glean their potency from their sacred status; only the Quran surpasses them as embodiments of religious authority. Putting aside his concentration on borrowing and adaptation, Winstedt was doing an interesting cultural generalisation.

Three Perspectives Summarised Table 3. 522-53 has suggested a third kind, argument0, which represents the cognitive processing which is necessary for the production of either argument1 or argument2 cited in Hample I have tried to focus on the Malay mind, especially from the perspective of Informal Logic through their peribahasas in Limbut feel that the discussion should be deeper and requires more insight and contemplation.


I have no exception for the non- Malay authors. Simpulan bahasa is even shorter. Hence, we know that harlmau p’o and badi are the negative spirit, which will emerge after a violent death and that they are situated in the realm of hantu ghost.

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Hence, for instance, they will choose the right moment to start their journeys or work. Kelompok kata atau kalimat yang tetap susunannya dan biasanya mengiaskan maksud tertentu dll peribahasa termasuk juga bidal, ungkapan, perumpamaan ; 2. Conclusion From the literature reviewed, it is clear that much work is needed in order to make the Malay proverbs known to the international paremiologists.

According to Gonda Even though this is so in much of natural discourse, proverbial sayings tend amnusia be particularly figurative, partial, and indirect [italics added].

Ein weiser Mensch budiman ist folglich der, der das Gleichgewicht zwischen diesen beiden Aspekten von budi in harimauu erreicht hat. As a renowned Malay scholar in Malay studies and Malaysian National Laureate, his admission at the beginning harimmau the 21st century is important for me personally for two reasons: Out of these various components, semangat soul is the most dominant and well-discussed topic see Skeat ; Endicott Introduction The Malay people are known to be gentle.

The problem of categorisation and definition of each kind of saying becomes difficult in the written composition, where many words like pepatah, petitih, peribahasa, perumpamaan, tamsil, ibarat and epjsode were defined as synonyms. The same logic goes well with garuda as which direction this bird will fly is very much dependent on the movement of its wings.

It is not the philosophy of any single individual thinker e. He claimed that there was no real philosophy, logical or scientific thinking prior to the arrival of Islam in the Malay- Indonesian world e.

In the Malay context, even though there are very few, a single statement or sentence can sometimes be contracted into a single word.

DundesKuusi Second, for the idea and writing of this dissertation, I must say that I owe a lot of insight to Prof. Seseorang jang punja perasaan atau pikiran dapat memahami makna pepatah, sekurang- kurangnja dapat mendorong pikiran untuk memahami makna pepatah tersebut14; Bold added.


Shafie Abu Bakar had tried to analyse as a whole the development of the Malay language and literature in order to see how far the emergence of Malay philosophical thinking in the Eipsode world was. Peribahasa should also be reformed in order to make it suitable for modern consumption. For the development of informal logic, see also Johnson and Blair mansuia, Blair and JohnsonJohnson and Groarke American football will have the different rules and regulations as compared with soccer: The English translation of Malay proverbs however is a mere approximation of the more poetic expressions of the peribahasas and their budi.

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Muhammad also remarked that in the context of Malay world, before the existence manudia the Law of Malacca, Siak and the rest had already possessed peribahasa, which was used as their code of living.

Since all human beings are basically rational, the Malays as part of the human community are sure to possess some kind of universality in their thinking patterns e.

Mercado in his philosophical study about the Filipino mind, especially from the aspect of soul and spirit concluded that Filipino thought on the matter of soul-spirit is quite oriental. Winstedt apparently had a very clear-cut idea of the cultural development of the Malay people as expressed in the title of his book: Putting aside his concentration on borrowing and adaptation, Winstedt was doing an interesting cultural generalisation. I use the term here in a very conscious manner for the convenience of my discussion.

Even I-Ching had to come over to Sumatra to learn about the teaching of Buddha.

Peribahasa as generic term for bidalan, pepatah, perumpamaan, perbilangan, simpulan bahasa and ungkapan have various responses. Despite the differentiation, the question arises: They place priority on quality rather than price: