The songs feel like a part of the film, not a separate entity. Nivin Pauly has absolutely blown me away with his performances three nights in a row. Gouthami designed the costumes for the film. And the moments when he can no longer contain the rage feel violent, explosive and lightning fast also, terrifying. Viz later reveals that he has a lot of emotional baggage and that he had executed many terrorists including Nassar Nassar , Omar’s boss. Hey, might that make a nice Friday post: The acting is superb and, in such a simple, little story, it really has to carry the film.

I was bored a couple days ago, so I randomly found Manmadhan Ambu on youtube and started watching it. Retrieved 30 January No one jumped in or interfered. The first half is more of a comedy, showing the older couple preparing, bickering and playfully needling each other. No, not in that one. I love that style of film as well- gritty, neon lit streets, always dark, foggy and rainy.

It seems that it was my first Malayalam film. The film was also to be the first Indian film to release via direct-broadcast satellitealso known as direct-to-home DTHbut after protests of theatre owners this plan was dropped.

Based on the tattoo and earrings, and the rumored plot of the film, I assume he will be some kind of local guerrilla fighter type character maybe? Retrieved 10 March They fought with their fists, beat the tar out of each other, until one man could no longer get up. Retrieved 3 July In the ensuing events, Wisam is arrested by the FBI before being rescued by his “uncle” Colonel Jagannath and Dr Dawkins is murdered by Salim while picking up a video tape from an antique shop.

The film released in 82 screens in Kerala on 25 Fu,l. I second that TGIF idea!

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Kurta and jeans is really the perfect outfit, man or woman. I always wonder if he really did jump too! Last night, we watched a newer Marathi film called Family Katta.


Retrieved 2 May I was much more impressed with Matt Smith than Claire Foy anbu.

However the film fails, especially in the second half because there are no lump-in-the-throat moments; nor is there any shock and awe. Really, the big superstar in the film is also kind of the most boring and saddest character. Retrieved 29 January Vishwaroop, one helluva entertainer”. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Speaking about it, he said “The fact that cinema is going digital is the biggest technological change today.

Weird — that previous comment about train documentaries came up as by Anonymous but it was me, lol. And I totally loved the message of the movie that the director was trying to convey.

Saga of faith in troubled times”. The movie equivalent of being wrapped in a big fluffy comforter.

Thattathin, the so-so Nivin Pauly movie, has a really gorgeous soundtrack And Premam, the really really good Nivin Pauly movie, also has an amazing soundtrack. Also this is probably my favorite John Lithgow role…he avoids going completely over the top. They really struck a perfect balance. Notify me of new comments via email. The rest of the cast were all great. It really had that sort of feel to it.

Notify me of new posts via email. And now I have bronchitis and have slept for two days. The songs feel like a part of the film, not a separate entity.

It looks as though all parts rull available on YouTube — https: I plan to go and see Lion tomorrow. Plus the movie got kind of boring during the last 20 minutes but overall it was a good movie.

Jha 1 December I watched Bangalore Days last night.

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Vishwaroopam was shot extensively overseas in countries like the United States and Canada. Anuja Jaiman of Reuters said, ” Vishwaroopam is a work of art that surpasses Bollywood potboilers and tries to initiate a conversation about a not-so-perfect world and its great religious divide.


Jha 13 March As you wrote, the story is so simple and easy to follow. This is just a general discussion area, eintthusan movies you are watching this week, or thinking about, or want to know if anyone else has seen, or really anything at all! This is really just an open chat forum if there is anything you feel like talking about that you have been watching.

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I had seen that Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Tannishtha Chatterjee were in it and was pleased when they came on screen — but they played sinister characters: Heeding the requests of Muslim civic organisations, controversial scenes were muted or morphed, allowing the film to be released on 7 February in Tamil Nadu.

He is really adept at playing the jerk when he needs to little touches like how he chews his paan or his fur hats- you just want to smack him. Which I guess makes sense, because Javed wrote the dialogue and he came from an Urdu poetry background. The critic further wrote ” Sanu Varghese ‘s cinematography is nimble and it is easily one of the biggest high points.

The first-look poster and a teaser of the film were released on May Day as part of the film’s marketing process.